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Instagram to get map function à la Google Maps

Attracting new users and retaining old ones – that’s what the big app providers want. Instagram is trying to implement this with ever new functions. One of them includes searchable maps that are reminiscent of Google Maps in their application.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally announced the new feature in an Instagram story. Instagram users can now tag interesting locations on the map, but also view already tagged locations in the immediate vicinity. Not only is it possible to search for specific places and establishments via hashtag, the results can also be filtered by various categories such as landmarks, restaurants, cafes and more, according to Zuckerberg.

Instagram now with searchable maps

Previously, the app only allowed users to search for specific posts. The searchable maps on Instagram are meant to expand that capability even further, essentially making Google Maps obsolete. For example, users can make their travel preparations directly via Instagram and save interesting areas or locations here in advance so that they can quickly find them again later. Even if users are in a place they haven’t explored yet, they can use Instagram maps to get tips about worthwhile locations nearby. To do this, users simply need to tap the map directly and look for exciting places in the area.

Instagram cards in the app
Instagram now offers searchable maps Photo: atechbook

To access the Instagram map, proceed as follows:

  • In the search, enter the place you want to search. Alternatively, you can also search by hashtag.
  • The search results will open. At the top of the tabs, you can now switch to the location icon, which also opens the map.
  • Here, Instagram shows all tagged locations. Users can get more information about them by clicking on the respective location.

The searchable maps benefit from an already existing feature on Instagram: Maps. Instagram Maps was initially tested in the U.S. and Australia, but has also been available in Germany since June 2022. Business operators can tag their restaurants and stores via hashtags and thus make them accessible in the search – including important information such as opening hours, location and price category. This is already familiar from Google Maps. If you click on a restaurant, for example, you will see all the posts posted on Instagram about this location. The new function is available immediately on both the Android app and the app for iOS.


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