iOS 14.7 available – should you download the iPhone update already?

Apple has now rolled out iOS 14.7 to all users of compatible iPhones. What new features does the operating system bring and is it worth installing yet?

After almost two months in beta, iOS 14.7 is available for everyone. The 1.34 gigabyte iPhone update brings with it numerous new features. atechbook summarizes the most important ones.

Unlock iPhone with the Apple Watch

iPhones with FaceID cannot be unlocked with the mask on. A problem that probably every owner of a corresponding device knows. With iOS 14.7, iPhone X and newer can now be unlocked with an Apple Watch model 3 or higher

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AirTag support in the “Where is?” app.

Apple’s latest gadget “AirTags” allows you to attach the GPS transmitter of the same name to objects and locate them. With iOS 14.7, the integration into the tracking app “Where is?” takes place. In the course of this, new functions such as “Exact search”, the possibility to play sounds and the “Lost” mode are added. AirTags can thus be used in a similar way to the already familiar device tracking of iPhone, iPad and co.

New emojis in iOS 14.7

The emoji named “woman with beard” is a new addition. In addition, there are new emoji faces and heart emojis. For emojis with 2 people, for example “kissing people” it is now possible to customize the skin colors. So all in all, emojis are becoming more diverse.

iOS 14.7 brings new Siri commands

Besides small new features, such as support for FaceTime group calls via a Siri command, one thing in particular is interesting. So you can now call your emergency contacts with Siri. New Siri commands have also been added for Apple Carplay.

Better control over app tracking

iOS 14.7 allows users to control which apps are allowed to track their own activities in apps and on other websites. This is controlled via the ATT framework. ATT stands for App Tracking Transparency. Apple wants to significantly improve data protection with this. Unfortunately, apps still have loopholes to track certain things.

Apple Music with two innovations

Which songs are hot in my city? Apple Music now provides these lists for over 100 cities worldwide. So if you want to know what people are listening to in the world’s metropolises, you’ll find it with this function. In addition, Apple Music subscribers can now share song lyrics directly on Instagram/Facebook Stories or send them via “Messages”.

Podcasts app slightly revised under iOS 14.7

Podcast fans get a new page arrangement in Apple’s Podcasts app in iOS 14.7. Users now get more settings options. For example, you can now specify different notification and download settings for each individual podcast. New podcasts can be found in the search function thanks to charts.

5G optimizations for the iPhone 12

There is a mode called “Smart Data” in iOS 14.7. This controls the use of the 5G network in a sensible and battery-saving way. In addition, 5G support for “Dual Sim” and international 5G roaming with corresponding network providers is coming. 5G is currently only supported on iPhone 12 models.

Other innovations in iOS 14.7

Here are some more minor changes. Mobile gamers can be happy about the support of the PS5 and the latest Xbox controller. In the Maps app, you can now share your arrival time. Reminders can be sorted by priority in the future. In addition, 14.7 also closes security gaps again and fixes various bugs.

Is the update to iOS 14.7 worth it?

atechbook advises iPhone users to update to 14.7. Of course, a brand new update also holds dangers. For example, new bugs could appear. On the other hand, it also closes enough known bugs. How interesting the new functions are, is individual. However, those who use AirTags should definitely update. The ATT framework is a useful privacy enhancement for everyone.