iOS 15.2 is here – should I install the iPhone update right away?

After a series of bug fixes through small patches and few new features in iOS 15.1, we can now expect a bigger update in the form of iOS 15.2.

Apple started developing iOS 15.2 just a few days after the release of iOS 15.1. The new version of the iPhone operating system is now available. atechbook has tested the update and reveals whether the download is worth it.

iPhone parts and service history

Want to buy a used iPhone and make sure that only original parts are installed? iOS 15.2 provides extensive information about this. A new section under Settingsyoukuohao_52f27gfH$32JAllgemeinyoukuohao_52f27gfH$32JInfo shows when a repair has taken place and which part was replaced in the process. A warning also appears if it is not an original Apple replacement part. However, this feature is only available for newer iPhones starting with the XR model. The latter can indicate whether the installed battery is original. iPhone 12 and 13 can even determine whether the camera or display come directly from Apple.

The iPhone parts and service history thus protects buyers from potentially lower-quality and possibly even dangerous third-party replacement parts. These can range from displays with poor image quality to unsafe batteries that blow up. Third-party replacement parts are usually used when a repair store does not participate in Apple’s “Independent Repair Provider Program.” This is because only providers with Apple certification get access to original replacement parts.

Apple Music Voice Subscription

iOS 15.2 brings the new Apple Music subscription model to the iPhone. With the Voice option, users can access the entire Apple Music offering including songs, playlists and radio stations – but only via Siri. This means that you cannot search for songs by hand, but have to ask Siri every time. However, at 4.99 euros per month, the Voice subscription costs only half as much as the individual subscription. Siri can also recommend new music based on listening history and likes and dislikes.

Conclusion: a successful update

Nicht nur bringt iOS 15.2 eine ganze Reihe neuer Funktionen mit sich. Es behebt auch gleich eine Menge Fehler, die in älteren iOS-Versionen auftreten konnten. In der atechbook-Redaktion kommen vor allem der neue “iPhone parts and service history” und der “App Privacy Report” gut an. Denn mehr Kontrolle über das iPhone und die darauf installierten Apps zu bekommen, ist immer eine gute Sache. Außerdem konnten wir auf unserem Testgerät mit der finalen Version von iOS 15.2 keine Bugs feststellen. Andere Nutzer berichten jedoch auf Reddit vereinzelt von überhöhtem Batterie- und Datenverbrauch. Weit verbreitete Problem sind jedoch bislang nicht bekannt.

So, those who would like to have the new features already can download the update with a clear conscience. Apple has taken its time with the release of the new iOS version to fix bugs. In an emergency, users can always go back to iOS 15.1.1, which is still signed by Apple.


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