iOS 15.4.1 is here! Should you download the update now?

iOS 15.4.1 is currently available for download. atechbook reveals the new features and whether you should install now.

With the larger predecessor update to iOS 15.4, Apple introduced quite a few innovations for its iPhones. For example, there were 37 emojis, the possibility to use FaceID with a mask and also a new gender-neutral voice.

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However, iOS 15.4 did not only bring advantages, but also problems. With the smaller update to iOS 15.4.1, Apple now sets out to eliminate the weaknesses of the predecessor.

atechbook reported: iOS 15.4 is causing problems! What users should know

Three minor updates in iOS 15.4.1.

In fact, not much has changed with iOS 15.4.1. Rather, it is only a matter of bug fixes. The following three bugs were noticed in iOS 15.4 and should disappear after the update.

  • Battery may drain faster than expected after updating to iOS 15.4.
  • Braille devices (computer output device for blind people) may no longer respond when navigating through text or displaying a hint.
  • “Made for iPhone” hearing aids may lose connection in some third-party apps.

Should you download the iPhone update now?

iOS 15.4.1 is specifically designed to fix issues. While you can’t rule out the possibility of it bringing new ones, those affected in particular should download and install it. While fixes to hearing and Braille devices only affect a few users, faster battery drain has been a relatively widespread issue after the last update.


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