iOS 15.4 causes problems! What users should know

Since one week iOS 15.4 is officially available for download. Due to the many new features, we recommended the installation. However, there are now more and more reports from iPhone users who complain about battery problems after the update.

Unlocking with Face ID, new emojis and a new Siri voice – these are some of the innovations that iOS 15.4 brings to the iPhone. However, problems have apparently crept in, which some users are now reporting. In particular, the battery life of the iPhones is said to be significantly reduced after the update to iOS 15.4.

Complaints about poor battery life under iOS 15.4

Especially on Twitter, there are various reports about the lower battery life under iOS 15.4. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models as well as the iPhone 11 are mentioned again and again. For example, the following reports Twitter user Oded Shopen that he has had no problems with the runtime of his iPhone 13 Max so far. After installing iOS 15.4, however, the battery life dropped noticeably and would only show about 50 percent after half of the day. Another user writes that its battery capacity had dropped by 80 percent after 24 hours, with just over two hours of screen time.

Also the podcaster Alex Kretzschmar complains that the battery life of his iPhone has halved after the update. Many users agree with him and talk about similar problems after installing iOS 15.4, but there are also opposing voices under his Twitter post that have not noticed any change in the runtime. The same can be seen in the discussion forum on Reddit, where the comments are divided relatively evenly into positive as well as negative experiences about the battery runtime under iOS 15.4. The reactions to the current update are thus mixed, which does not speak for a universal battery problem.

Battery problems after iOS update not uncommon

That there are problems with battery life in the first few days after an iOS update is not unusual. Apple also points this out in a Twitter post.

Thank you for reaching out! We will be happy to help you. It’s normal for your apps and features to need to adjust up to 48 hours after an update.

Apple via Twitter

If the battery life has not regulated 48 hours after installing iOS 15.4, you should contact Apple so that further investigation can be done, according to the manufacturer. This is likely to be the case for some users who have spoken up. Because for them, the update has already been longer ago, without the runtime having improved.

It is therefore possible that Apple will soon take action and roll out a fix for the problem. We will inform you about it here.