iOS 15.4 is here! Should you install the iPhone update already?

After three iOS updates in a row that only contained security patches, Apple is now bringing a whole new set of features to the iPhone.

At its March event, Apple introduced a new iPhone SE, iPad Air and Mac Studio. Now iOS 15.4 is also official – after several months in beta. atechbook has already pre-tested the update and shows what’s inside.

Use Face ID with mask

The Corona pandemic revealed that Face ID is practically useless when wearing a mask. Although Apple presented a solution last year, it only works if you own an Apple Watch. To solve the problem once and for all, Face ID now supports unlocking with a mask in iOS 15.4.

In iOS 15.4, Face ID can also be used with a mask
In iOS 15.4, Face ID can also be used with a mask Photo: atechbook

The corresponding Face ID with Mask option can now be found in Settings. Instead of scanning the entire face, the feature uses unique features in the area around the eyes for authentication.

37 new emojis

The iPhone gets 37 new emojis
The iPhone gets 37 new emojis Photo: atechbook

The Unicode Consortium has already introduced new emojis at the end of 2021. Now Apple is implementing them with iOS 15.4. Thus, for example, a melting, a saluting, a fading and a peeking out smiley come to the iPhone. The focus, however, is on inclusivity and diversity. For example, for the first time, there is a pregnant man and two arms shaking hands in different skin colors. Also new are emojis for algae, an X-ray, a life preserver and a bird’s nest with and without eggs.

Here is the overview of all new emojis: Unicode Consortium announces new emojis

New, gender-neutral Siri voice

Apple wants to be more inclusive not only with emojis, but also with Siri. In the US, Siri is therefore getting a new, gender-neutral voice recorded by a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Speaking to US news portal Axios, Apple said it wants to give “more options to choose a voice that speaks to you.” It is working to “make the experience as personalized as possible.”

With iOS 15.4, Siri gets a new, gender-neutral voice
With iOS 15.4, Siri gets a new, gender-neutral voice Photo: atechbook

The new voice is only available when Siri’s language and voice variant are set to US. It is now the fifth voice that Siri gets in the US. In Germany, users can still only choose from two options.

Universal Control (iPadOS only)

For a long time we have been waiting for the new Universal Control feature. This allows the use of an iPad with the keyboard and mouse of a Mac or MacBook. For this, macOS Monterey must be installed and both Mac and iPad must be linked to the same iCloud account. Once these requirements are met, users can simply transfer from Mac to iPad and continue using the keyboard and mouse there. The function can be found under AirPlay & Handoff.

Other changes

AirTag message: When setting up a new AirTag, a more in-depth message now appears. This warns that it is a crime to track people with an AirTag.

Vaccination certificate in Apple Wallet: users can store their EU vaccination certificate in Apple Wallet in iOS 15.4