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iOS 15.6 is here! Should you install the update already?

Apple has released the update to iOS 15.6 for iPhones and iPads. As always, the question is whether you should install the new firmware right away or wait.

iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 are now available for download. In the short description, Apple mentions improvements, bug fixes and security updates – so little concrete. However, the update to iOS 15.6 puts an end to some annoying bugs.

iOS 15.6 fixes storage space and Safari bugs

In some cases, iPhone and iPad users have received the error message that the storage space on their device is almost full. Even when there was actually enough capacity left. With the update to iOS 15.6, Apple fixed this bug so that the incorrect warning no longer pops up.

A problem with Safari was also fixed. In some cases, Apple’s browser simply opened a new tab with a previously visited Internet address instead of a newly opened website. The browser history seemed to have been searched randomly. In addition, Braille devices now no longer run slower when navigating through text in emails. Sometimes they even stopped responding at all before due to the bug in the Mail program.

Overall, the update to iOS 15.6 includes several bug fixes. The download of the software is therefore only recommended. On the iPhone and iPad, users can find the update in the settings under “General” and “Software update”. The download file has a size of about 410 MB depending on the iPhone model. Before installing, it is recommended to back up the data.

iOS 16 is imminent

While iOS 15.6 is a rather small update, iOS 16 is a really extensive update coming to iPhones and iPads. It brings numerous new features and even a new look through customized widgets. A detailed list of all new features can be found in the news about iOS 16 .

Apple presents iOS 16 together with the new iPhone 14 models. As a possible date for the keynote is currently traded September 13.


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