iPhone killer? Manufacturer Nothing announces “Phone 1

A team around the former co-founder of OnePlus now wants to knock Apple off the smartphone throne with the “Nothing Phone 1”. Many details have been left out of the big announcement so far, but the British start-up is obviously counting on far-reaching collaborations with Google and other hardware manufacturers. The smartphone is supposed to impress with seamless connectivity and an open platform.

Until today, hardly any manufacturer can hold a candle to Apple in the high-end smartphone segment. Above all, the potent hardware in almost perfect coordination with the iOS operating system make the overall package unbeatable for many. Unfortunately, this also applies to the high price. Some of the corresponding devices cost well over 1000 Euros. However, the hardware manufacturer from Cupertino could now face competition from OnePlus.

“Nothing” wants to attack Apple

The name “Nothing” does not sound very spectacular at first. However, it is not a newcomer that is behind the London start-up, but Carl Pei. The former OnePlus co-founder is anything but unknown in the industry. In the past few years, OnePlus was considered one of the brands with the most attractive price-performance ratio. The question of how and with what Nothing wants to attack the highly competitive and expensive high-end sector is all the more interesting. It is possible that Huawei has left a gap here. After all, the Chinese suffered from US sanctions in the past years and practically disappeared from the Western market.

Well-known hardware partners on board

When it comes to hardware suppliers, the British start-up mainly relies on well-known names. Qualcomm, Samsung and Sony are on board, for example. However, this also suggests that the company does not rely much on in-house developments, unlike Huawei. For example, the competitor Huawei had installed its own chipsets with “Kirin”. Apple is also increasingly using its own developments in its hardware. Not only to become less dependent on manufacturers, but also to better coordinate hardware and software and to reduce energy consumption. However, it is obvious that external know-how is used especially for processors, displays and the camera.

Stock Android as a basis

In contrast to the iPhone, the “Nothing Phone 1” will not have its own operating system. The manufacturer will use Google’s Android, which is an open platform. This is a good move, since these involuntary extras were often found on devices from Chinese manufacturers in the past, which unfortunately also affected the premium segment. However, the reason for this decision is that the Nothing Phone 1 is supposed to be an open platform that allows users to configure the smartphone individually according to their wishes.

Comprehensive connectivity

Pei particularly emphasized the seamless interaction between hardware and software in Apple devices. Nothing wants to follow this up, but in contrast to the model from California, it relies on seamless connectivity between different manufacturers. Thus, the phone is supposed to connect easily with Apple AirPods or Tesla vehicles, among others. That would hardly be possible with a closed operating system. Apart from the “naked” stock Android, the Nothing Phone 1 is expected to get its own launcher as well as three major Android updates.

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Assessment of the atechbook editorial team

At first glance at the specifications, the “Nothing Phone 1” does not really deliver innovative in-house developments, but mainly works together with well-known partners. This is a strategy that is already known from competitors. However, a completely new development of the operating system would be necessary for a “real” frontal attack on Apple. This is the special strength of the iPhone, because Android was never developed for the hardware of a specific manufacturer. In the past, the devices mainly differed in the interface or the launcher. This concept is also largely true for “Nothing”. All in all, we do not expect the device to be a big hit, but probably another Android smartphone, albeit an interesting one. The only question that remains is the price: If it is well below 1000 Euros, it would probably be interesting for some Apple users as well.


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