Is it possible to cancel orders if the delivery is not on time?

Christmas is approaching: time to get presents. But the problem is that there are currently delivery bottlenecks for many products.

Be it missing materials such as semiconductors or supply chains strained by transport bottlenecks: None of this is conducive to the availability of many products and thus also many potential Christmas gifts. In some cases, the goods ordered may arrive later than expected. So what to do?

Delayed delivery is a reason to cancel the order

However, there is consolation for shoppers before the festive season. Anyone who has to wait longer for delivery of their online purchase than the retailer has indicated can cancel the purchase contract.

This even goes before one finally receives the goods, explains the consumer center of North Rhine-Westphalia (VZ NRW). If sellers inform customers at an early stage that the announced delivery time will be significantly delayed, customers do not have to adhere to the purchase contract.

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Cancel your order and look for an alternative

After a cancellation, the contract must be reversed, according to the consumer advocates. This gives those affected the opportunity to look for alternatives. For example, after a voucher, or to get the goods in stationary trade.

Who would like to recall its sales contract, can use for example the form offered by the dealer. Alternatively, VZ NRW also offers a sample letter for revocation.

Bottlenecks attract rogue traders

In this context, the consumer center also warns against dubious suppliers who could take advantage of the tense situation. If products that are subject to supply bottlenecks are suddenly available at a low price on the Internet, caution is advised.

Consumers should then carefully check the seriousness of these dealers. It could be, for example, that such providers send inferior goods or charge shipping, customs and return fees separately, warn the consumer protectors.