Is WhatsApp getting a community feature for groups?

If you want to connect several people with each other in WhatsApp, you have to create a group. However, you do not always want to send a message to all participants in the groups right away. This could soon become easier.

WhatsApp has only a rudimentary group feature so far, which clearly lags behind the competition like Telegram and Signal. Moderators can hardly manage larger groups and the whole thing can quickly become confusing. However, according to leaks, WhatsApp could be working on introducing a community feature that should make a lot of things easier.

What is a community in WhatsApp?

According to “WABetaInfo” gives a community moderators in WhatsApp groups more control. Among other things, this makes it possible to create groups within a larger group – the community. This is similar to the chat platform Discord. Here there are so-called servers to which people can be invited. Within these servers, there are then channels for individual chats through which smaller groups can communicate.

A community on WhatsApp is a private group chat that can only be accessed by invitation from moderators. Also, only moderators can send community-wide messages and create new groups within the community. However, the individual groups then work as usual for sending messages and video calls. All messages will continue to be end-to-end encrypted as in previous individual and group chats.

Function still under development

Back in October, we saw the first hints of a community function in WhatsApp. By mistake, the company had briefly enabled new icons in the app that were angular with rounded edges instead of circular. According to “WABetaInfo,” community groups in WhatsApp are supposed to be identified exactly by the angular icons.

The feature is currently in beta testing for Android and iOS. More precise details about the launch date, appearance and functionality of Communities is therefore not known.


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