“Last online” status on WhatsApp soon to be customized

WhatsApp is working on new settings for its own status. In the future, users will be able to choose who can see when they were last online.

The adjustments to the status are part of WhatsApp’s new privacy settings. Up to now, it has only been possible to select who has access to certain information in one’s own profile relatively roughly. In the future, however, the messenger wants to refine these selection options.

New privacy customization in WhatsApp status

For this, WhatsApp is planning new privacy adjustments in the settings under “Privacy” soon. In addition to the already available options “Everyone”, “My contacts” or “No one”, it will then also be possible to individually set for each contact who can see the “Last online” information in their own WhatsApp status. As WABetaInfo reports, there will be an item called “My contacts, except…”, which users can use to explicitly select the names that should not have access to the information in the profile. The new option should also apply to other data in the profile, such as access to one’s profile picture or personal details.

WhatsApp move from Android to iPhone will be easier

If users deny certain contacts access to the “Last online” status, profile picture, status and/or info section on WhatsApp, they will subsequently be unable to access the same data from these people as well. This restriction is something to keep in mind before limiting access for your contacts.

The new selection option for the privacy settings in one’s own profile is coming for both the iOS and Android apps of WhatsApp. Currently, it is still in the testing phase, so the feature should be able to be tested in a beta soon. However, it is not yet known when WhatsApp will officially roll out the finished new feature for all users.


  • WABetaInfo

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