Mega boycott! No more Apple products for Russia

Western governments are not the only ones imposing sanctions on Russia. Companies are also showing solidarity with Ukraine and boycotting Putin.

In the ongoing Ukraine war, the West is once again called upon to demonstrate unity. Tech giants from the USA are also showing their colors and reacting to Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine with a boycott against Russia. With Apple, a true big player is now setting an example.

Apple’s boycott against Russia

In order to express its disapproval of the war in Ukraine, Apple is stopping all product sales in Russia with immediate effect. So there itself currently sells neither iPhones, nor iPad, MacBooks or other devices with the apple on it. This was reported by the US news channel CNBC.

In addition, they are stopping all exports to Russia and also restricting some local services. Accordingly, Apple Pay will only work partially. In the App Store, the apps of the Russian state broadcasters “Russia Today News” and “Sputnik News” are no longer available for download outside Russia.

The company’s own map service “Apple Maps” does not allow users to view traffic situations or live accidents for Ukraine. Apple fears that this data could be used tactically by Russia to wage war.

Other companies also boycott Russia

In addition to Apple, other companies have already announced that they will withdraw completely or partially from Russia.

Netflix defies the Russian government

Among the weightiest are oil company Shell and energy company BP, which are terminating partnerships with Russian groups or divesting holdings.

Social media platforms Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook are blocking the accounts of Russian media or severely restricting their visibility in the EU.

The travel industry has already reacted to the war in Ukraine. Our colleagues from TRAVELBOOK have written down the most important developments in their overview article. This is how tour operators and shipping companies have already responded.

Parts of the German retail sector are doing without products manufactured in Russia. Among them are Rewe, Penny and Aldi Süd. In the case of the latter, it’s just one product for now.

The German auto industry is also reacting with a boycott against Russia in the form of sales stops. Volkswagen and BMW will not sell any more goods in the world’s largest country for an indefinite period of time.

Russia is being cut off not only from many goods, but also from parcels. At least when they come from parcel service providers like DHL, UPS or FedEX. The transport companies announced that they will no longer deliver packages to Russia or Belarus.

One thing is already clear. Putin is not only punishing the Ukrainian people, but also the Russian people with his war. In addition to the boycott of companies, the Russian currency, the ruble, has also plummeted.

Aid and solidarity for Ukraine

What is happening in Ukraine right now is terrible. Many families are forced to leave their homes and flee the war. This is traumatic for everyone, but especially for the children. The BILD aid organization “Ein Herz für Kinder” (A Heart for Children) would therefore like to help and, together with project partners on the ground such as the aid organization “humedica” and Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe, is asking for donations.

If you want to help and donate, you can find all the information here.

Every cent of your donation will reach the children affected without any deductions!