Message from WhatsApp – what is behind the “security number”

Currently, many WhatsApp users suddenly get a message from Messenger that a security number for a certain contact has changed. atechbook reveals what’s behind it.

Perhaps you too have already received the pop-up message when opening WhatsApp Messenger. It talks about a security number that has changed. The good news is that this is neither a virus, nor spam, nor any other danger. atechbook explains what it means and tells you how you can turn off the message in the future.

Every WhatsApp user has security numbers

First of all, it is important to clarify what a security number is in the first place. The term hardly ever appears when using the messenger. However, the explanation is quite simple and obvious. WhatsApp encrypts every chat between users end-to-end. As a result, only the chat participants can access the corresponding messages or receive them on their devices. So, unless you have malware on your smartphone, third-party access should be almost impossible.

To encrypt the individual chats, WhatsApp uses a sequence of numbers for each conversation. This 60-digit code is called a security number. Once set, the sequence of numbers remains for the time being for the corresponding conversation. But changes can also occur, which can then trigger the message.

Change of the security number in two cases

Specifically, the security numbers change in two cases, according to WhatsApp. Either when you yourself or the chat partner changes the smartphone or when someone reinstalls the app. In these cases, the message that the security number has changed is triggered. However, WhatsApp keeps open in its information about security numbers that they can also change for other reasons. This is what happened in the atechbook editorial office, for example. There was a case here that had nothing to do with the two reasons mentioned, but the security number changed anyway.

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If you don’t want to see the message in the future, go to the WhatsApp settings, then to “Account” and further to “Security”. There you can deactivate the pop-up windows about changed security numbers on WhatsApp.