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Messenger Telegram to get paid subscription

Until now, the messenger service Telegram was free of charge. Now a paid subscription model is planned.

The service has been free since Telegram was founded in 2013. Until now, the company’s philosophy was to keep it that way. However, after initial rumors, founder Pavel Durov has now commented on a paid subscription model for the messenger. The first surprise: Such a model is actually to come. The second: The paid version is even to be rolled out this month!

Telegram with subscription model

At the beginning of May 2022, a pay function appeared for the first time in a beta test version of Telegram. At that time, some stickers were suddenly behind a paid barrier. Testers quickly speculated that Telegram would test a general subscription model.

So far, Telegram and its founder Durov have emphasized that the messenger should remain free of charge, even though Durov has been increasingly open to the idea of a subscription service since the end of 2020. Since no advertising or user data is sold, the service is effectively a loss-making business. Durov’s private assets secure the financing. Therefore, there have been repeated considerations and rumors about a subscription to the messenger over the years. Now Durov has officially confirmed the rumors. A corresponding model will be launched before the end of June.

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What can users expect now?

According to Durov, a so-called freemium model is planned. This means that a free version will continue to be available from Telegram without a subscription. This will be supplemented by a paid offer. This includes additional features, such as the aforementioned stickers and reactions. Furthermore, paying subscribers will have access to additional storage space and bandwidth.

Durov cites high demand among Telegram users as the reason for the change. However, the financial aspect also played a significant role in the decision. Thus, the subscription was “the only way to offer more to our most demanding fans while keeping our existing features free.”

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So far, no feature or price has been officially confirmed. However, the rumors, which have been very accurate so far, assume around $4.99 per month


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