Millions of DHL customers now have to install an app

Big changeover at parcel service provider DHL! On April 1, millions of customers will have to change.

To relieve its own shipping structure and offer customers an additional method of delivery, DHL once introduced Packstations. Those who are not at home can have their parcels delivered there and conveniently pick them up when it suits them. Until now, this required a customer card, but now it works via smartphone with the “Post & DHL” app. Customers must therefore take action if they want to continue using the stations.

“Post & DHL” app becomes mandatory at Packstations.

DHL announced that customers will have to download the “Post & DHL” app onto their smartphone with immediate effect in order to continue picking up parcels from Packstations. Those who already have the app should update it accordingly.

DHL cites three benefits of switching to a smartphone app as reasons why:

  • Faster to the parcel – only scan pickup code
  • One app for everything – all information can be found in the app, not just about Packstations
  • Customer card no longer necessary

At first glance, you might think that everything will be better. But as we all know, people are creatures of habit, which is why the forced switch to an app is bound to annoy some customers. Especially since you still have to register there, of course. Customers without a smartphone will be left out in the cold in the future.

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How customers use the app for Packstations

The following steps are necessary to use the “Post & DHL” app on your Android or Apple smartphone:

  1. Install app or update via the AppStore/PlayStore
  2. Activate smartphone in the app. In the “Post & DHL” app, tap the Activate button in the Packstation section.
  3. Scan pickup code. Find your shipments in the “Post & DHL” app in the Packstation section. Then tap on the Packstation you are standing in front of and your pickup code will be displayed. On the Packstation screen, select the Pickup menu item and scan your pickup code. Then you can directly open the tray with your shipment


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