More and more savings bank customers are using modern payment functions – are you?

The customers of the Sparkasse seem to be quite open to innovations. At least that’s what the financial institution is now announcing – after taking a long time to implement it itself.

It can be difficult for the savings bank to implement changes quickly simply because of its size. This could be seen, for example, with the introduction of Apple Pay. Even though it was late to jump on the bandwagon, the service is now very popular with customers, as the savings bank announces.

Sparkasse customers use Apple Pay

The savings bank says that 2.5 million customers will already be using the Apple Pay service in 2021. Currently, there are 48,200,000 current accounts at the savings bank. However, the financial institution does not specify the exact number of its customers. It can be assumed that 2.5 million customers account for between 6 and 8 percent of the total number of customers.

With an average of around 25 percent iPhone users in Germany, this means that one in four Sparkasse customers with an iPhone could already be using the service. That still looked different in 2020. The Sparkasse recorded one million fewer users there. This is a strong growth, which is no coincidence. The introduction of the digital Girocard in July 2021 is likely to be partly responsible for this.

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Still very hesitant about the introduction of Apple Pay

With the recent success, the hesitant introduction of Apple Pay at the savings banks seems almost forgotten. As a reminder: in 2019, they were still resisting the service. At that time, the savings bank first wanted to see improvements on the part of Apple. However, these failed to materialize, just like solidarity from the competition. More and more banks introduced Apple and the Sparkasse fell behind.

In the end, the bank opted for Apple Pay even without any improvements from the Apple Group and made the service available to more and more customers – despite initial difficulties. In the meantime, the savings bank has even become more advanced in the field compared to its main competitors, the Volksbanken. The Volksbanken, in fact, gave a refusal to digital Girocards and continue to make a credit card necessary.


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