Netflix releases new free games for customers – are they any good?

Netflix’s gaming division launched in November with little content. Now there are new titles for free for subscribers.

The new titles bring the total number of Netflix games to 17. atechbook has loaded the latest games and checks what they are worth.

Two new Netflix games available now, one coming soon

Netflix subscribers can now download two new games directly from the app or via the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. A third will follow soon.

This Is A True Story

This peaceful 2D sidescroller with a beautiful look accompanies the protagonist on her search for water through a steppe landscape. On the way, puzzles await, but also dangers that have to be mastered. There is already a 45-minute video of the game on YouTube, in which it was played through once. We advise you to only look at excerpts to get a rough impression.


The entertaining adventure definitely deserves some attention. It decelerates and calms down in a wonderful way and is still not boring.

Shatter Remastered

This game takes the age-old gameplay of the Game Boy classic “Alleyway” to a whole new level. The basic mechanics are the same. The player controls a beam that can move in two directions. With it, he has to hit a ball, just like in the game’s forefather Pong. Instead of playing against an opponent, however, the ball is supposed to hit rows of blocks and thus destroy them. Over the years, games like Bricks Smasher have imitated and improved upon this mechanic.

Shatter Remastered tops it all, however, mixing the principle with that of a side-scrolling space shooter. In addition to blocks and balls, the spaceship can shoot over and over again, and there are boss enemies!


If you like brick-breaking games, you can’t miss “Shatter Remastered”. A clear recommendation from the editors.

Into the Dead 2: Remastered (coming soon)

“Into the Dead 2: Remastered” is not yet available, so we don’t have any more information yet. The original, however, dates back to 2017, was also released for iOS and Android, and was a kind of zombie survival shooter from a first-person perspective.

Games that Netflix also offers

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

The role-playing game “Arcanium: Rise of Akhan” is probably the most significant title that Netflix has added to its gaming lineup so far. The company is following a formula that it has already used successfully with other titles in its lineup. Instead of releasing new games, the streaming provider often includes existing titles in the program. This has already been the case with the “Stranger Things” games, for example. “Arcanium: Rise of Akhan” has already been launched on Steam as an Early Access game in 2020. It has received mostly good reviews there.

Open world and strategic combs

The game is a mix of deck-building and roguelike, in which the objective is to defeat opponents in strategic, turn-based battles with your own decks. Its mechanics are reminiscent of the popular Blizzard game “Hearthstone”. In contrast to this, however, “Arcanium” is not only focused on the card game, but has a freely explorable world as the basic framework underneath. There are three different campaign areas, each with an end boss to defeat. Within the areas, players can freely explore the world in a grid of hexagonal squares.

Netflix Games: Arcanium: Rise of Akhan
The open world in Arcanium: Rise of Akhan Photo: atechbook

On many of the fields there are enemies to defeat. Through the battles you unlock new heroes with unique ability cards. After boss fights you get cards that can be used to improve these abilities. In the battles, three of your own heroes face off against three opponents. Each hero faces one enemy, but players can swap positions to protect weakened characters or concentrate more attack on a single enemy. The controls are quite simple, as it is enough to move the heroes with a finger swipe. The same goes for playing cards. The available ability cards are located under the characters. Depending on whether a card is applicable to your own heroes or is intended for the opponent, you drag it to the appropriate place on the board.

Netflix Games: Arcanium: Rise of Akhan
The game board in “Arcanium: Rise of Akhan Photo: atechbook

It’s mandatory to defeat the enemies in a fight, otherwise they will appear again and again. And beware: after each fight, the “Devastation” bar fills up. This means that little by little the squares on the map turn into so-called “province boss fights”. These boss fights are harder and can’t be skipped – but they bring better rewards.


Of all the games Netflix has added to its gaming lineup so far, “Arcanium: Rise of Akhan” is by far the most elaborately produced. The title stands out from the otherwise rather simple games for in between. Even “real” gamers should enjoy it – if only because the deck-building mechanics and the merciless battles promise many hours of fun.

Asphalt Xtreme

Next to ” Arcanium: Rise of Akhan”, Netflix now also has another game on offer that is quite lavishly produced. “Asphalt Xtreme” is developed by mobile gaming experts Gameloft. The studio has also released all previous “Asphalt” titles. Unlike the other Gameloft offerings, however, there are no in-app purchases here, which Gameloft usually uses to get money for its free-to-play apps. Nevertheless, there are loot boxes that can only be opened in exchange for in-game currency “credits”. These contain Blueprints, which are needed to unlock new cars.

Netflix game: Asphalt Xtreme
Although there are no in-app purchases, you do have to deal with loot boxes Photo: atechbook

Lots of cars and nitro-charged races

Speaking of new cars, the selection of drivable vehicles in “Asphalt Xtreme” is quite diverse. Besides classic sports cars, there are off-road beach buggies, jeeps, muscle cars and pickups. But also trucks and even monster trucks are included. Our personal favorite is certainly the VW T2 with a monster truck undercarriage.

Netflix game: Asphalt Xtreme
The VW T2 as a monster truck Photo: atechbook

Once you have collected enough Blueprints to unlock a new car, you still need credits to buy it. These are obtained by playing the career mode and the multiplayer mode. There are also daily rewards in the form of credits, crowns, nitro, car parts or blueprints. Crowns unlock additional stickers that can be used to customize the cars.

The game has several racing options to choose from. There are timed events, multiplayer, domination and career. In order to advance in the career, players have to prove themselves in various racing modes. Besides classic races, these are the following: Knockout mode, Annihilation mode, Infection mode and Duel mode. Each mode has its own winning conditions. For example, in “Knockout” mode, you must not be in last place before the timer runs out in order not to be eliminated. In “Annihilation” mode, you have to destroy more drivers than your opponent to win.

Netflix Asphalt Xtreme
“Asphalt Xtreme” is Netflix’s first racing game. Photo: atechbook

How does the race work? In itself, Asphalt is quite simple to use. You can either use the smartphone’s position sensors or tap the screen yourself to steer. Braking and nitro boost are accessible via buttons. In the races themselves, the goal is to collect nitro boosts and ideally find shortcuts to get ahead of the opponents. There are also ramps all over the place that you can use to pull off flying feats to earn extra credits.


All in all, this is a successful racing game from a well-known developer, which hardly allows any slip-ups. The game mechanics have been seen in many other titles, but it is refreshing to be able to play without additional in-app purchases. Still, the game is quite confusing due to many loot boxes, three different currencies to collect, and many small buttons. For a paid game, Netflix could have simplified things here.

Krispee Street

“Krispee Street” is a hidden object game based on the webcomic of the same name. Similar to the “Where’s Walter?” books, the object is to find certain objects in a picture. The game gives you the objects and you have to find the right spot by moving the picture around and zooming in and out.

Netflix Krispee Street
The first level in the hidden object game Krispee Street Photo: atechbook

There are different levels that can be unlocked one after the other. It starts with a busy city, but jungle, sea and space also follow. To unlock them you need gold, which you get by completing the levels and daily challenges. There are also collectible cards, which are also obtained simply by playing.

“Krispee Street” is small game for in between, which is also suitable for children. The cartoon graphics are excellent and made with attention to detail. A must-have for fans of hidden object books!

Wonderputt Forever

“Wonderputt Forever” is a mini-golf game with interesting, constantly changing visuals and exciting levels, some of which have very unusual courses. These range from greenery at ground level, to treetop height, to underwater tubes. There are lovely details like animal paws that bang against ball from enclosures and change its direction. Or a small “hyperail” that keeps the ball moving. Or trampolines in the circus. Also, sometimes the ball changes size, which makes the levels even trickier.

Wonderputt Forever Netflix Games
The mini-golf game “Wonderputt Forever” makes golfing an experience. Photo: atechbook

Even though it revolves around miniature golf, “Wonderputt Forever” is a bit more than simple golfing due to its unique mechanics. Since the ball physics are constantly changing, you also have to adjust the way you play from level to level. We’ve never played miniature golf like this before, which is why “Wonderputt Forever” is refreshing in the genre.


A classic puzzle game with a cat and fashion focus, where the goal is, as usual, to get three or more of the same elements in a line. Here, too, there are some extra elements that bring multiple points or remove all elements of a certain color at once. In addition, there is suitable background music, which reminds a bit of elevator sound.

Knitten's Netflix Games
“Knittens” is first and foremost a classic “match-three” puzzler. Photo: atechbook

The game features booster items such as clothespin and rainbow bulb, which can additionally remove items. In later levels, barriers, rigid and multiple blocks, etc. make the game more difficult. At the end of each round, you get extra points for remaining moves that you didn’t use. Depending on your score at the end of the game, you get up to three stars. For each star you get extra yarn, which you need to knit the fashion items.

Besides the actual game, there is also a fashion component. Because you collect different colors of yarn in the game itself. When you have collected enough yarn, you can use it to knit fashion items such as a hat. However, this takes time – it can only be done faster with payment through in-game currency. After all, there can be no “real” costs, apart from the Netflix subscription that you already pay for.

Knitten's Netflix
Another component of the game is the knitting of “fashions” that give power-ups when played Photo: atechbook

“Knittens” is very simple to play, with suggestions for possible moves. There are hardly any ways to fail at it. Instead, there are always positive words that pop in – so it’s more of a feel-good game. Also, “Knittens” has a feminine touch, with lots of pink, little hearts, and skirts and ruffles for the cats.

Dominoes Café

Not much more than a classic domino game, where you either play alone against the AI or with a partner against the opposing team. Apart from the three game modes, there’s not much to explore here. The modes are dominoes with and without a graveyard, as well as an “All Fives” where the end points of the board are added up if they add up to five or a multiple of five. At the end of the round, points on the loser’s pieces go to the winner. Whoever reaches 100 points first wins the game.

Dominoes Café Netflix
Simply Dominoes – that’s what Netflix’s “Dominoes Café” is all about. Photo: atechbook

The game is well laid out, with the strand of bricks adjusting its shape depending on where you place it. The animations are fluid and the controls are self-explanatory. You can even choose the design of the stones and the board from several options. So it’s good for a quick round of dominoes in between – but not much more.

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Bowling Ballers

This title has some similarities with the hit game “Subway Surfer”. But in Bowling Ballers, the goal is to hit pins with a bowling ball and collect coins and boosters. However, you also have to dodge objects and jump over ramps.

Stranger Things: 1984

The game was originally released in 2017 for iOS and Android under the name “Stranger Things: The Game”. However, Netflix re-released it for the launch of its in-app gaming offering and renamed it “Stranger Things: 1984.” The name says it all, as the game is set in 1984, where the Netflix series is famously set. The look is contemporary with pixel graphics. Players explore the town of Hawkins from the series with Detective Hopper and the children. They have to complete missions, solve puzzles, defeat enemies and collect objects along the way.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

The sequel to the first game in the series has been released as a companion to the third season of Stranger Things in 2019. Unlike its predecessor, it has no longer been free – instead, it was available for PC and console, in addition to Android and iOS. However, Netflix withdrew the game from the platforms in mid-2021. Now it is only playable together with a Netflix subscription.

“Stranger Things 3: The Game” retains the same pixel graphics as its predecessor, but now has twelve playable characters. Players can enter the shadow world alone or in co-op and reenact scenes from the series. But there are also new missions, situations and secrets to discover.

Shooting Hoops

In “Shooting Hoops”, players have to shoot at a ball with a dart gun in order to get it into a basket. In the process, you can collect power-ups and unlock new balls that have different weights and handling.

Card Blast

In this poker-based game you have to pick up cards from a treadmill and combine them into hands to score points. To do this, there are three rows that can be filled. If you don’t pick up the cards fast enough, the treadmill will send them straight to the shredder. Boosts like freeze, nuke or rocket allow players to achieve higher scores. While playing alone, there are events where you compete for the highest score.


In “Rocking” soll ein Ball, der auf einer Plattform liegt, an seinem Ziel ankommen. Der Clou: man muss die Plattformen mit den eigenen Fingern balancieren, damit der Ball nicht herunterfällt. Je höher das Level, desto mehr Hindernisse erscheinen, in die der Ball nicht fallen darf. Außerdem erscheinen Gewichte auf der Plattform, die das Balancieren schwieriger machen.