Never seen this before! Apple now sells its iPhones cheaper

Unexpected innovation at Apple. The iPhone manufacturer is now offering its devices at a reduced price in Germany for the first time. atechbook reveals what this is all about.

Until now, anyone who wanted to buy an iPhone directly from Apple had to pay the full price. There are no discounts in the company’s online store or in the Apple Stores. But now, for the first time, there is an opportunity to buy iPhones at a reduced price. The magic word is “refurbished”.

Apple expands refurbished range in Germany

Apple has offered refurbished devices in this country for quite some time. So far, these have only been iPads, iMacs and MacBooks. If you have discovered the not so easy to find page on Apple’s homepage, you can even save more than ten percent on the purchase. Currently, you pay 959 Euros instead of 1129 Euros for a MacBook Air with the M1 chip, for example – saving a whole 170 Euros.

Now, in addition to the already known product categories, refurbished iPhones are finally available from the manufacturer itself. Previously, these could only be purchased in Germany from third-party sellers like Rebuy, Amazon or the discounter Aldi. The difference: Their devices are not refurbished by Apple itself, but either by the providers or commissioned service providers.

How much do refurbished iPhones cost?

Apple only offers certain iPhone models in the refurbished section of its homepage. Prospective buyers will find a total of seven models: iPhone 11/12, iPhone 11/12 Pro, iPhone 11/12 Max and iPhone 12 mini. Different memory sizes are available.

For potential Apple buyers, the first advantage is immediately apparent. The Pro models of the 11 and 12 iPhone series are no longer available directly from Apple. Thus, the Apple company indirectly expands its product range.

And the prices or the price savings are also okay. Let’s take a look at an iPhone 12 with 128 GB of storage as an example. The device from 2020 costs 849 Euros new at Apple. Refurbished, the price is 709 Euros. A saving of 140 Euros.

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What does “refurbished” mean at Apple?

Apple guarantees that all refurbished iPhones will be delivered with a new battery. If replacement parts have been installed, they are always from Apple itself. Buyers also get the complete accessories with it. Apple promises a one-year warranty when buying a refurbished iPhone.

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Conclusion: Refurbished iPhones from Apple are worthwhile

Even though there are no huge discounts, we feel the program is good. It is sustainable and makes older Pro models directly available from Apple again. iPhones are also very stable in value and are still traded at high prices on the used market. In this respect, the supposedly small discount from Apple is not that small. Of course, there are still cheaper offers, even in the refurbished sector. However, the quality promises from Apple itself certainly entice you to buy directly from the manufacturer.