Never take photos with the WhatsApp camera!

If you don’t want to open the camera app, you can also take photos directly with WhatsApp – but that’s not a good idea, as atechbook’s test shows.

Quickly shoot a picture and send it – for this you can use a camera software directly integrated into WhatsApp. But if there are important details on the photo, then the popular messenger turns out to be a flop.

atechbook makes the photo comparison

WhatsApp photos
The original iPhone photo in the ratio 4:3 at a resolution of 3024×4032 Photo: atechbook
WhatsApp photos
WhatsApp photo from the same perspective in a 16:9 ratio at a resolution of 2160×3840 on Photo: atechbook

The result of the atechbook test confirms the differences in quality. The WhatsApp camera clearly swallows the details on our snapshot. It gets blurry very quickly there. We also noticed in the direct comparison that WhatsApp already zooms in a bit when taking a photo. Since WhatsApp only uses the main camera (and not the telephoto lens) of a smartphone, it has to be digitally zoomed in, which means that quality is already lost.

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Warum WhatsApp photos schlechtere Qualität haben

The camera software of WhatsApp is sometimes very different from the app of the respective smartphone manufacturer, which you otherwise use for photos. WhatsApp takes photos in a different format that is a bit more elongated than those taken with the camera app to make use of the elongated smartphone screen. A “normal” photo sent via WhatsApp has a resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels. A WhatsApp photo, on the other hand, resolves at 901 x 1600 pixels (16:9 format) and is thus often almost 100 kilobytes (KB) smaller. The smaller resolutions come about because photos are compressed once again when they are sent.

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So there are several factors that contribute to the fact that the quality of WhatsApp photos is worse. Because of the compression when sending, you should not only not take important photos with WhatsApp, but also not send them via WhatsApp. No matter if they were taken with WhatsApp or the camera app. So if you want to send a photo in the best possible quality, you should always do it via email, AirDrop or with a data service.