New WhatsApp function can lead to embarrassing mishaps

It was supposed to be available just under two weeks ago. Now the new feature is that. You can finally switch chats while listening to voicemails. However, this can quickly lead to embarrassing mishaps.

Voice messages on WhatsApp have become a popular means of communication. A lot has happened in this field in the past. New functions keep making it easier to record and listen to voice notes. However, users have been waiting for one for a long time. Now, while playing a voice message, you can switch the chat. atechbook, however, immediately noticed a weakness of the function.

Switch chat during voice messages

Those who send voice messages more often will probably long for this feature. With the WhatsApp update to version 22.4.75 on the iPhone or for Android, it looked like the messenger had finally fulfilled this wish. In the updates from February 16, 2022 and February 15, 2022, respectively, the following is written as a new feature: “You can now play voice messages and audio files outside of chats.” Since then, the feature has probably been rolled out. It arrived at the atechbook editorial office today. Now when you play a message and switch chats, it looks like this:

Above, the voice message continues (from Jassica). Below the chat with colleague Rita. Photo: atechbook

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Embarrassing mishaps happen so easily

Based on the screenshot above, some of you may already be able to guess where the danger lies here. Users are used to seeing the name of the chat partner at the top. In addition, you can also hear their voice. What could be more obvious than to mix up the chats? In our example, this would mean that I think I’m writing to Jassica (because I see her name at the top and hear her voice), but in reality the message is going to Rita.

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The consequences of a message going to the wrong recipient can range from harmless to catastrophic. Therefore, from now on, always pay attention to which chat you are in!