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Nokia brings back cell phone legend from the 90s

Nokia launched the 8210 on the market in 1999. The cell phone quickly became a cult object – especially the blue model is likely to have been owned by many in this country. Now the phone is back.

The Nokia 8210 4G is the successor to the cell phone from the 90s, including new wireless technology and a larger display. The manufacturer HMD Global has kept most of the design, but the newcomer appears fresher and more modern.

Nokia 8210 4G – the classic is back

Originally, the Nokia 8210 had a monochrome display with 96 x 64 pixel resolution. Today, of course, this is no longer enough, which is why Nokia has enlarged the display to 2.8 inches and added color display. It also supports 4G and has been equipped with a few extras. These include an integrated MP3 player, a wireless and wired FM radio, and a 0.3-megapixel camera on the back. Another highlight is the replaceable battery with 1450 mAh. That sounds like a low capacity; however, considering that the Nokia 8210 4G is a cell phone and not a smartphone, the device manages well with this charge. HDM Global states the standby time as several weeks.

Making calls and writing text messages are the Nokia phone’s main focus. Thanks to the aforementioned 4G support, the former even works via VoLTE (Voice over LTE). Overall, everything about the Nokia 8210 4G looks very retro – including the familiar number pad under the display. The memory of 128 MB is also only enough for the phonebook and small pictures.

Foldable cell phone experiences rebirth

In addition to the Nokia 8210 4G, HMD Global has another new phone in the bag. It is not based on a specific predecessor, but it revives the popular form of the flip phone. Nokia 2660 Flip is the name of the new model, which offers quite similar features to the Nokia 8210 4G. The 2660 Flip also has a 2.8 inch color display and a 1450 mAh battery. The memory has a size of 128 MB and two SIM cards can be inserted (dual-SIM).

However, the keyboard turns out much larger due to the folding mechanism. An emergency call button also enables quick contact in an emergency. The Nokia 2660 Flip also offers some other features that are especially aimed at older users. In addition to the aforementioned large keys and emergency button, these also include compatibility with hearing aids (HAC) and the optionally available charging stand.

Prices and availability

The Nokia 8210 4G comes to Germany in the colors blue, red and sand. All versions are available at a price of 79.99 euros. HMD Global states the sales start as August. According to the website, the Nokia 2660 Flip is already available at the end of July. The flip phone also costs 79.99 euros, and the matching charging station is available for 19.99 euros. The phone is available in blue, black and red.


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