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Now official! Google presents first smartwatch with Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch has now been officially unveiled. The company has long been rumored to be working on a smartwatch. Now it was presented to the public during the developer conference Google I/O 2022. You can find out all the important details about the smart watch below.

The Google Pixel Watch is not yet on the market, but it was already officially presented at Google I/O. It is a quite plain smart wristwatch. The wearable has a round design and a 40-millimeter display that is rounded on the side. This makes the watch look almost frameless. It is also made of stainless steel and a “Digital Crown”, a rotating button on the side, is also integrated. The wristbands are interchangeable and proprietary. This means that only wristbands that are also meant for Google’s watch can be used. The tech company has also provided a short introduction video of the watch:

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Fitbit integration and Google apps for the Pixel Watch.

Google’s hardware chief and senior vice president Rick Osterloh was the first to strip down the Pixel Watch at the big developer conference, explaining the benefits and features the wearable will offer. The design doesn’t make it obvious right away, but the watch is said to be primarily fitness-capable. The in-house smartwatch is to be supplied with functions from Fitbit. These include activity and sleep applications. Users can link their Fitbit account.

The Google Pixel Watch is supposed to come with the Wear OS operating system. The company announced at the presentation that it will be improved and revised until the release. In addition, the apps Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Wallet and Google Home will be available, among others. The wearable is compatible with all devices running Android 8 or higher, but it cannot be used with iPhones (for now). Instead, the company wants to build up and expand its Pixel ecosystem.

No fixed release date yet

Further information about the Pixel Watch is not yet known, not even the official price. However, Google will most likely release more details in the coming weeks and months; atechbook will keep you updated on that. The Google Pixel Watch is then expected to go on sale in the fall of 2022.


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