Old technology that makes you rich in the meantime

Früher haben wir damit gespielt, jetzt ist es richtig Geld wert: Einige Spielsachen aus der Kindheit wie der Game Boy oder VHS tapes können Ihnen heute einen kleinen Geldsegen bescheren.

All those who spent their childhood in the nineties should take a close look at their shelf: Maybe there are not only some childhood memories hidden there, but real treasures!

Game Boy

For 149 Marks there was the Game Boy including Tetris. Today, originally packaged Game Boys are offered on portals such as Ebay sometimes for over 100 euros – depending on condition and sales version. If you have an almost new device with all accessories and maybe even the foils, you can ask even more. You first have to find such a value investment at a bank.


The fluffy creatures with big ears and eyes were real chatterboxes. Even though they had a vocabulary of several hundred words, we could hardly understand them. If we put two of them next to each other, they wouldn’t stop talking. In 1998, the Hasbro company brought the talkative fluffy creature onto the market. Who is still in possession of such an original, the edition 70-800, could be lucky and sell the Furby from childhood days profitably. Some collectors pay up to 250 euros for such an original that is still unused in the original packaging. Other Furbys, however, achieve significantly less profit.


The Tamagotchi was the must-have on the schoolyard of the nineties. For a few marks, we could buy the little toy egg and then try to keep it alive. Easier said than done, because the electronic creature was not known for its longevity. Often, the only thing that helped was a reboot. The Tamagotchi also had a really good reboot a few weeks ago, when it had a 20th anniversary revival. If you still have a Tamagotchi of the first generation from 1997 and in the best case have never used it, the little toy egg could be worth a few euros.

Digimon Digivice

The Digivice comes from the anime series Digimon. For the Digiritters in the series, the Digivice is the most important item, which comes in different colors. Since the Digivice is no longer available in all versions, it is traded for a few hundred euros, among other things.

Cell phones

Some of these mobile companions have become sought-after collector’s items. You can see which devices to look out for in our article:

7 alte Cell phones, die mittlerweile richtig wertvoll sind

In general, it is advisable to offer your childhood treasures not only on the German market, because you can reach more collectors on the international market. As in many other areas, the better the condition of the object, the higher the possible price.