One thing particularly annoys many users with iOS 15

Apple experimented a lot with the Safari app during the beta phase of iOS 15. Many controversial elements have since been removed, but one has remained. But even that can be undone.

With iOS 15, Apple’s browser got new layout that should make it easier to use with one hand. For this, the search bar and tabs in Safari have moved from the top to the bottom edge.

Criticism of the new Safari user interface

Users on Internet forums like Reddit complain that the new controls present problems, however. For example, options such as refresh page, new tabs and downloads would now be one to two clicks farther away. Others note that they would have to get used to the new controls first. The criticism is quite appropriate, as this is the first fundamental change to the controls in Safari in 14 years (!).

Search bar in Safari before vs. now
The two images on the left show that the Safari app has changed very little since 2007. The image on the right shows the new layout. Photo: atechbook

In fact, unlike the old version, the new Safari actually simplifies a few of these elements. To refresh a page, it’s now enough to simply scroll to the top of the page and swipe down on it. You can open a new tab by swiping the search bar in the newest tab to the left. Downloads, on the other hand, are no longer accessible with a click from the search bar. Instead, a small icon with a downward arrow appears, which you have to click on to then be able to select the “Downloads” option.

But the new Safari layout can do even more. Users can now easily switch between open tabs by swiping left or right across the search bar. Also new are so-called “tab groups”, in which multiple tabs can be collected. Still in beta is the “Private Relay” feature, which is supposed to hide which websites you visit in Safari.

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To switch back to the old Safari version

The new layout is completely optional. If you’d rather have the bar at the top, you can specify that in the app itself or in the settings.

Search bar in Safari before vs. now
Using the menu in Safari itself, you can quickly and easily switch between the old and new layout Photo: atechbook

In the settings, you will find the option under Safari. There you can choose between “Single tab” with the search bar at the top and “Tab bar” at the bottom. Alternatively – and faster – you can click in Safari itself on the ” A Click the “A” button. In the menu, select “Show address bar on top” to return to the classic layout. If you still want to try the new layout, you can click again on A Click “A” and select “Show table bar at the bottom”.


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