Opinion: “The new iPhone SE does not fit Apple”.

On March 8, 2022, Apple presented the third iPhone SE at an event. atechbook editor Andreas Filbig thinks that the company is not doing itself any favors.

When Apple presents new devices, it’s always exciting. This time there was a new iPhone SE, a powerful 5th generation iPad Air and the Mac Studio for professional users. A product range that actually couldn’t be more opposite. On the one hand, new high-end technology from Apple in the iPad Air and the Mac Studio, and on the other hand… well, the iPhone SE in a stone-age design with a home button.

Home button? What is that?

Do you still remember the revolutionary iPhone X? Apple launched the latest flagship model five years ago to mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. The biggest design innovation: no more home button. It was installed in the main series for the last time in the iPhone 8. After that, only the iPhone SE from 2020 (2nd generation) got it. Now, two years later, Apple launches the next iPhone SE and I could hardly believe my eyes. A home button in 2022! This is accompanied by a design that was first used in the iPhone 6 and is thus already seven and a half years old.

Apple wants 519 Euros for the smallest version of a smartphone that is visually from the World Cup year 2014.

Optics a flop, technology partly top

On the technical side, the iPhone SE 3 is super equipped. The Bionic A15 chip, which is also found in the new iPhone 13, is inside. The 5G mobile standard is also on board. Storage sizes range from 64 gigabytes, to 128 gigabytes, to a maximum of 256 gigabytes. That is okay for an entry-level model. Just like the already known 12-megapixel camera. The prices are 519 euros, 569 euros and 689 euros, depending on the memory version. From March 11, the iPhone SE 3 can be pre-ordered, and it will be released on March 18.

However, you have to make concessions in the camera and especially in the display quality. Compared to the iPhone SE 2020, nothing has changed at all.

You can read all the innovations and a detailed comparison here: iPhone SE 3 is here! Old design with new power

Conclusion: Does Apple have a homemade problem?

The iPhone SE 3 is a mystery to me. The fact that Apple has shifted down a gear in iPhone innovations is bearable. An already excellent and popular product is cautiously developed further. But with the iPhone SE, it seems as if you press the gas and brake at the same time. There is modern technology on the inside and an old design on the outside. That simply doesn’t go together and certainly not with Apple.

One reason for this could of course be the iPhone 13 mini. With a modern design, the SE 3 would hardly differ from the 13 mini. That would probably only have better cameras and the possibility of a bit more storage. I hope that the iPhone SE 3 will finally be the last iPhone with a home button.