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Permanent hearing damage caused by AirPods – Apple sued for damages

A 12-year-old boy in the USA is said to have burst his eardrum while using his AirPods Pro. The boy therefore apparently needs a hearing aid – and Apple is now supposed to make up for this with a compensation payment, if his parents have their way.

The case is said to have happened back in 2020. At that time, the allegedly injured party was said to have streamed a movie on Netflix on his iPhone and used his AirPods Pro for this. It was not the case that the boy had turned up the volume too much. He had allegedly even selected a low setting. But then a warning announcement was played extremely loud and shrill, bursting his eardrums.

Lawsuit over hearing damage caused by AirPods Pro

The boy’s parents have now filed a lawsuit. Their accusation: he had been sold defective AirPods Pro in which the volume control did not work. Their son was frightened by the extremely loud warning message. And much worse, this had caused significant injuries in his ear with the consequence of permanent hearing damage.

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“This boy’s life has been severely changed because Apple did not provide a warning regarding the volume of his AirPods.” This was currently stated by the responsible lawyer in a press release. The specific amount of the claim for damages is not yet known.

Volume of the warning announcement – a known problem?

The warning announcements referred to, so-called “Amber Alerts”, are part of a system used in the USA since the 1990s to forward missing person reports. It was introduced in response to the Amber Hagerman child abduction, hence its name.

As the lawsuit states, Apple was already aware of problems around the faulty volume adjustment of their AirPods. And indeed: on Reddit, users already spoke up years ago, who claim to have had a similar experience. “The alarm sound comes through the headphones MUCH louder than I would have estimated the maximum possible volume,” one of them reported, “and that’s regardless of what volume you set it to.” There’s plenty of confirmation of that in the comments.


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