Plus, Gold, Platinum – Tinder’s subscription models in comparison

In principle, the dating service Tinder can also be used without a paid subscription, but only to a limited extent. But which subscription offers what and which is the best choice? atechbook presents the different Tinder subscription models.

While Parship, for example, does not offer a free version, Tinder also allows those who do not want to spend money on a subscription to create an account. However, you can imagine that the possibilities for establishing contact without a paid subscription are significantly limited. If you want to increase your chances of finding a match and getting to know someone better, you should take advantage of one of the three paid offers. The subscriptions build on each other and are called Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum from bottom to top.

Tinder Plus entry-level subscription

Compared to the free account, simply called Tinder, the user already gets a significantly expanded range of functions with the Tinder Plus subscription. Although it is already possible to view profiles, “match” and contact these “matches” via chat or message (“Match.Chat.Meet”) with the free version, there are restrictions here. The number of likes that can be distributed is limited and the “Passport To Any Location” function is also missing. This makes it possible to “look around” and make contacts at the destination a few days before starting a vacation, for example, with a virtual change of location.

With Tinder Plus, on the other hand, these services are part of the package, and the user is spared advertising. However, two other former advantages over the free version have been dropped for some time, at least for new subscribers. Free Super-Likes or the free monthly boost – here, one’s own profile gets increased visibility for a certain period of time – are no longer part of Tinder Plus.

Tinder Gold for more convenience

From Tinder Plus to Tinder Gold – that may seem like a less beneficial upgrade in proportion than going from Tinder to Tinder Plus. But in fact, the Tinder Gold subscription has some additional capabilities over and above the Tinder Plus features already included, which are definitely a convenience gain.

Thus, the user can already see which candidates have given him a Like before swiping. This would naturally increase the potential chance of a date in the case of one’s own likes. In addition, unlike Tinder Plus, all of Tinder’s daily suggested top picks can be liked. Likewise, five Super Likes weekly and a free monthly boost are included.

The premium subscription Tinder Platinum

Tinder Platinum is ‘state of the art’ when it comes to Tinder. In addition to the benefits of Tinder Gold, this subscription gives you the ability to add a message to every super like – before any match! This is said by Tinder to increase match potential by 25 percent. The Priority Likes function can be just as helpful. This ensures that your own profile is displayed preferentially among the liked or super-liked candidates. This means that if you imagine the likes someone has received as a stack of letters, for example, then Priority Likes ensures that the user’s “letter” is placed high up in this stack thanks to the algorithm, so that the recipient is informed more quickly about the interest.

And last but not least, Tinder Plus subscribers can also see which profiles they have liked in the past seven days. Ultimately, however, this feature is more interesting in terms of statistics than that it would really bring tangible benefits to the user.

Costs at a glance

All three Tinder subscriptions, Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum, can be taken out for one, six or twelve months. The longer the subscription, the lower the monthly fee. You should also know that the prices listed are average prices. They can vary significantly depending on the age (“Under/over 28”), gender or even location of the subscriber.

Tinder Plus costs 9.99 euros for one month, 5.83 euros for six months and 4.58 euros for twelve months. This applies to the “Under 28” category. Prices for “Over 28” are up to 70 percent higher, depending on the term.

Tinder Gold starts at 14.99 euros for the month, the half-year subscription costs 54.96 euros, and the annual subscription costs 84.96 euros. Here, “Over 28” incurs up to 86 percent more (the subscription for one month, for example, then costs a proud 27.49 euros).

For Tinder Platinum, you pay 8.96 euros for a 1-month subscription, 34.57 euros for a 6-month subscription, and 53.77 euros for a 12-month subscription. The surcharge for “Over 28” is the steepest here: you pay 30.99 euros for one month, 129.96 euros for six and 174.96 for twelve months. That means a surcharge of up to 270 percent!


Immediately obvious is that you’d better never become 28 – at least not if you enjoy Tinder. The surcharges for anyone who has reached or exceeded the age of 28 are steep, in any case. The fact that the twelve-month subscription is the best option for all Tinder subscription variants is nothing new in the subscription fee jungle. The only question is whether you actually want to Tinder for a year. Maybe it has already sparked before and maybe even permanently.

So the six-month subscription is probably the best choice. However, whether you choose Plus, Gold or Platinum depends on how intensively you want to do Tinder. In any case, it’s pretty certain that the additional features in the platinum version will significantly increase your chances of finding matches. That you can be just as successful with a little less effort, however, is also true. After all, success ultimately depends on the photo with which you present yourself. If this is expressive enough, Tinder can already be fun in the free version.