Practical function helps with water in iPhone

A little carelessness and bang, it happened: The smartphone has gotten wet. For iPhone users, there is a practical function called “Water Eject” that can help in this case.

Even if it says waterproof, it does not mean that the smartphone is really waterproof. Liquid can penetrate especially via the open areas, such as the port or speaker. Even minor water contact can cause damage that does not break the iPhone, but impairs the user experience via muffled sound, for example. If the phone comes into contact with water, there are many ways to proceed to remove the water as quickly as possible and hopefully avoid long-term damage. However, most of them involve some effort on the part of the user. But there is also a handy feature that requires only a few clicks: “Water Eject”. atechbook shows how to get the application on your iPhone and what to look out for.

Install “Water Eject” on the iPhone

“Water Eject” is a so-called shortcut that you can easily add.

  • Open the page linked here on your iPhone
  • Tap on “Add shortcut” at the bottom of the page
Water Eject
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  • Afterwards you will find the application in the shortcut overview (you can find it via the app overview, which you can open by swiping left on the home screen).
Water Eject short command
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  • In the shortcut overview, tap “Water Eject” and then “Begin Water Ejection.” After that, the iPhone will start vibrating.
Apply Water Eject
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By the way, you can also use the function by voice command via Siri after setting it up.

How to make the most of the “Water Eject” function.

During the procedure, it is best to hold your smartphone at a slight angle so that the water can drain well from the speaker. While you can repeat the process several times, you should not do it too often. This could also damage the speaker in the long run. Allow time to pass between any repetition. After the procedure, carefully dab the corresponding spot dry and set the iPhone aside for final drying.

A similar function is also available for the Apple Watch, where it is called “Water Lock”.

Of course, “Water Eject” only helps to a limited extent if your iPhone is completely immersed in water and the case is full of water. In this case, there are a few emergency measures that you should follow.


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