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Probably the most curious iPhone function

The Apple Watch can already send an emergency call if the wearer has fallen. The iPhone even goes one step further and warns in advance if there is a risk of falling.

With the sensors in the iPhone, iOS 15 can perform a whole range of mobility measurements. These include step speed, step length, gait asymmetry and how long both feet touch the ground at the same time when walking. From these measurements, the iPhone can deduce walking stability – and warn of a risk of falling.

Stability while walking indicates state of health

If the walking stability measurement is activated, the iPhone needs about a week to collect data about its own gait. Based on this data, the Health app in iOS creates a graph that tracks walking stability. This is divided into three levels: “OK”, “Low” and “Very low”.

As long as the iPhone assesses the walking stability as “OK”, everything is fine. However, the continuous measurement allows it to detect when the level gets a little worse and drops to “Low” or even “Very Low”. In this case, it warns the user that there is an increased risk of falling in the next twelve months. If one receives a notification that the walking stability is “Low” or “Very Low,” Apple also advises to see a doctor.

Of course, this does not mean that the smartphone can predict that you will trip over a stone while walking. But the walking stability measurement does give an insight into how one’s gait is developing. According to Apple, health problems or medication can influence walking stability. Continuous measurement can therefore help to detect changes early and counteract them. For this purpose, Apple even provides users with a few sample exercises that can improve stability. Among them are strength, balance and walking exercises.

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Enable notifications for walking stability on iPhone.

1. open the Health app on the iPhone.

2. Click the Overview tab and scroll to the Walking Stability Notifications entry. Tap Configure.

In the next window, confirm by tapping Next. 4.

4. now enter birthday , weight and height and continue with Next.

In the next window, confirm with Next. 6.

Select Enable to turn on the notifications that warn of a fall risk. 7.

Finish the setup by clicking Done. 8.

8. you can now track the walking stability measurement on your iPhone in the Health app. You can find the history in the Health app in the Discover tab under the Walking Stability menu item.


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