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Safe at the lake and beach – the best waterproof cases for smartphone

For smartphone owners, it’s a horror scenario: a tipped-over glass of water or other liquid on the smartphone. And in summer, there’s the added risk of accidentally taking your smartphone into the sea or pool in your swim shorts. That’s why atechbook presents the best and cheapest waterproof phone cases.

Inexpensive smartphones usually don’t offer any protection against penetrating liquids. And even the premium product iPhone is waterproof only from the 7 model series. Initially, smartphones were only protected during a short dive to a depth of up to one meter. The latest models can withstand longer in water, but most manufacturers are not liable if damage still occurs. This is because seawater in particular can leave salt crystal residues in the speaker openings as well as the charging port and thus lead to corrosion. So if you want to be safe and protect your smartphone from water damage at the beach, in the swimming pool or during excursions, you should get a waterproof case for your favorite gadget. atechbook presents the best models for different needs.

By the way, you should perform a water test with each of the presented protective cases. The best way is to put a piece of paper inside, close it and immerse it under water for 30 minutes. Only if the paper is still dry afterwards, the smartphone will also be safe from water damage.

Mpow waterproof phone case

A very simple and inexpensive way to protect your smartphone from water damage is the Mpow phone case. It is compatible for smartphone models with a screen diagonal of 4.7 to 6.8 inches. Whereby small smartphones then have a bit much freedom of movement.

The manufacturer promises water protection for up to 30 meters depth. However, it recommends performing a handkerchief test before using the protective case. If the handkerchief is dry after thirty minutes in water, you can use the case without hesitation.

The best thing: The protective cover comes in a double pack, so it’s ideal for a couple’s vacation. Videos and photos are possible under water with it, but the quality fluctuates due to the flexible film. In addition, the PVC film becomes milky after several dives.


  • waterproof up to 30 meters
  • takes all current smartphone models
  • comes in a double pack
  • favorable


  • Film quickly becomes milky
  • only conditionally for photos and videos to recommend
  • Smartphone operation limited

YOSH waterproof case

Unlike the protective cases from Mpow described above, the YOSH case can accommodate smartphones with a display diagonal of up to 7 inches. The case is transparent from both sides, so the smartphone is clearly visible inside. However, small devices have a lot of space and can slip.

Photos and videos are possible, but the film can also become milky here after repeated use in salt water. In addition, the flexible film distorts the optics. Touch operation remains, but the side buttons are harder to access. Like mpow’s cases, the YOSH cases come in a double pack. A loop allows users to secure the sleeve firmly to their hand. It is water resistant up to 30 meters.


  • 2 waterproof sleeves included
  • waterproof up to 30 meters
  • accommodates all popular smartphone models
  • protection for all important items in the fanny pack
  • Cheap


  • Foil can become milky
  • only conditionally recommended for photos and videos
  • Smartphone operation limited

Phoozy Apollo thermal cell phone case

Looks like a smartphone case for the moon landing and offers much more than pure water protection. The Phoozy Apollo cell phone case primarily protects the smartphone from heat and cold damage. Anyone who has ever left their smartphone in the sun knows how hot it can get. This damages the battery and often leads to the smartphone’s automatic emergency mode.

In addition, the expensive gadget is safe from falls from up to 2 meters in it. The case is not only waterproof, but also floats on the water surface, which additionally protects against loss in waters. However, the case is not suitable for taking photos and videos underwater, as it is not transparent. To operate your smartphone, you have to take it out of the case. Nevertheless, a successful all-round protection, which is available in two sizes.


  • protects from water and falls
  • protects from heat and cold
  • available in two sizes


  • not suitable for photos and videos under water
  • no operation possible in the protective cover
  • comparatively expensive

ShellBox waterproof case

Those who need a bit more protection should take a closer look at the waterproof case from ShellBox. This is not a case made of foil, but a solid case. It accommodates the iPhone from generation 6, but also has room for many Android smartphones. The bead on the side allows the case to be held like a camera. However, it can also be attached to the wrist with a strap for safety.

The case is water-resistant according to IPX8and is supposed to withstand long dives of up to one hour at depths of up to 15 meters. The case also defends against falls and shocks. Various ports allow attaching a lamp, for example. Also practical: A haptic shutter button allows photos to be taken even underwater.


  • stable cell phone case for various smartphone models
  • protects against water and shocks
  • haptic release button for camera


  • no touch operation possible in the protective case
  • comparatively expensive