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Samsung Galaxy S23 with long-awaited processor innovation?

Samsung will continue its flagship series with the Galaxy S23 in spring 2023. There will probably be three models of the smartphone again, and first details about the design and their features are already known.

If Samsung sticks to its usual schedule, the smartphone manufacturer will probably introduce the Galaxy S23 in February again. In the past years, there were always three models to choose from, which will probably also be the case for the next generation. We therefore expect the Samsung Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S23+ and the Galaxy S23 Ultra in spring 2023. In this report, we summarize all news about the upcoming top smartphones.

Design – everything the same?

It is unlikely that Samsung will drastically change the design in its upcoming top smartphones. The manufacturer will probably keep the camera bezel of the current models, which give the smartphones their look. However, other colors would be conceivable, as is usual for new models.

Users will probably also be disappointed on the front, i.e. in the display area. Many are hoping for a display without a notch, for example by using an under-display camera. This was already speculated for the predecessor. After all, Samsung already offers such a camera, which is used in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. However, the quality has been so poor so far that its use in Samsung’s Galaxy S23 is out of the question according to Naver, a renowned South Korean blog. Instead, the manufacturer probably relies on a classic notch again. This paired with an almost bezel-less AMOLED display probably makes up the look of the Galaxy S23 models.

The size of the different models is not yet known. The current generation has a diagonal of 6.1 inches (S22), 6.6 inches (S22+) and 6.8 inches (S22 Ultra). It is quite possible that Samsung will also use these sizes for the Galaxy S23, or at least adjust them only slightly.

Samsung apparently only relies on the Snapdragon chip

So far, there have always been two versions of the Galaxy S smartphones. In the US, the models came with a Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm. In Europe, Samsung relied on its own Exynos chip – much to the displeasure of some users who complained about the lower performance.

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However, Samsung apparently takes a different path with the Galaxy S23. At least that is what recent reports from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and the leaker Ice univerce say. According to them, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will only be available with a Qualcomm Snapdragon. More precisely, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will be used in all three models. The chip is expected to be unveiled in December 2022. The special feature here: It is manufactured in the 4 nm process and thus extremely compact and powerful. The new chip is supposed to clearly surpass Samsung’s own, the Exynos 2300, in terms of performance.

Together with the change to the Snapdragon chip as the sole processor, Samsung might also have an innovation in the storage sector. We are talking about UFS 4.0 (Universal Flash Storage), which Samsung announced as early as May 2022. The new storage type doubles the maximum theoretical storage speed. According to Samsung, the UFS 4.0 modules are available with a capacity of up to 1 TB, the write speed is a maximum of 2900 MB/s, and the read speed is 4200 MB/s.

Better front and main camera

The front camera remained untouched in the leap from the Galaxy S21 to the S22. It turns out absolutely identical in both models. Instead of relying on the 10-megapixel camera, however, the latest Galaxy smartphone might finally bring an improvement. According to the Dutch site Galaxy Club, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is namely equipped with a 12-megapixel front camera that has 3x optical zoom like the predecessor.

A lot is also expected from the main camera. Here, the leap from 108 megapixels to 200 megapixels, which was also expected for the predecessor, is finally supposed to happen. According to ET News, it is the Isocell HP3 that is to be used for the first time in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung has already introduced two 200-megapixel sensors. The first of these has not yet been installed in a smartphone by any manufacturer, but the second could be used in Motorola’s latest flagship. However, Samsung apparently has something else planned for its own top devices, and that is the aforementioned Isocell HP3.

One reason for its use could be that Samsung’s Galaxy S23 will not be launched until next spring and all current sensors will then already be considered “older”. After all, cameras are very popular in smartphones and the manufacturers try to outbid each other with the best possible features. Details about the new sensor – apart from its resolution – are not yet available. However, market observers expect a certain sensor size to be able to capture the necessary light.

Enduring batteries at last?

One problem of earlier Galaxy models was usually their battery performance. Samsung even installed smaller batteries in the Galaxy S22 compared to the S21. Accordingly, many are now hoping for a rethink and longer-lasting batteries in the Samsung Galaxy S23. However, more modern batteries could also solve the battery life problem. Leaker Anthony @The Galox_ assumes that the Samsung Galaxy S23 will have a battery with 4500 mAh.

For the Galaxy S23+, it’s said to be as much as 5000 mAh and for the Ultra, 5500 mAh. Considering that the capacity in the current generation is still between 3700 mAh and 5000 mAh, that would be a big step.


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