Scanner app shows what’s in food

What’s inside? A typical question when shopping. But when it comes to food, it’s often hard to find answers – especially when the ingredients are printed in tiny print.

An open database for food information that thrives on participation? Sounds exciting. And it is. The database is called “Open Food Facts” and is easiest to use via smartphone (Android and iOS) by scanning the barcode of a product. But it can also be queried via the project’s website.

Information on nutritional values and ingredients

Open Food Facts not only provides the ingredients and lists possibly contained food additives (E-numbers) again separately. The nutritional quality (Nutri-Socre), the nutrient values, the degree of processing (Nova-Score) of the respective product as well as information on contained alcohol or allergens are also listed. Warnings can also be activated for the latter.

Keeping an eye on the environment with Open Food Facts

Consumers also learn about the carbon footprint of food products, as well as their packaging and possible recycling. In this context, a so-called Eco-Score also comes into play. Food properties such as organic, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, halal or kosher are also not missing.

If you want, you can compare different products with each other and also create various lists – for example, for shopping or for keeping track of eating habits. These lists can be shared or exported if required.

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Record products yourself

It is also possible to contribute to the community database, which already contains well over a million food products. Every user can create an account at Open Food Facts and add new products with photos and data.