Secret “flight trick” on the iPhone that you should know about

Is the flight delayed and from which gate is it departing? The iPhone can answer these questions with a simple trick.

There are many tricks and hacks hidden in Apple’s iOS that most people don’t know about. One very handy trick is hidden in iMessage – making it possible to track a flight quite easily in the iPhone app.

The handy Flight Trick on the iPhone

Dazu reicht es, die Flightnummer an sich selbst oder eine andere Person zu schicken. iMessage erkennt automatisch, dass es sich um eine Flightnummer handelt. Diese kann man dann anklicken, um den Status abzufragen.

In the information, not only the route with departure and arrival airport is shown on a small map. It also shows whether the flight is on time, delayed or canceled. In addition, takeoff and landing time, as well as flight time appear. Terminal, gate and baggage claim are also noted.

atechbook tried the trick on an iPhone and indeed we got information about flights of Lufthansa, American Airlines, EasyJet UK, Scandinavian Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

However, the trick does not work with all airlines. For example, we could not get information for flights from Ryanair, Austrian Airlines, Aegan Airlines, Eurowings and EasyJet Europe.

Hidden Apple app discovered on the iPhone

iMessage has even more tricks up its sleeve

Der Trick mit den Flight-Informationen on the iPhone ist sehr praktisch. Doch iMessage kennt auch ein paar andere Codew├Ârter, die verschiedene Effekte hervorrufen. Schicken Sie die Begriffe in einer Nachricht ab, gibt es eine kleine Show zu sehen:

  • Pew pew: a laser show appears
  • Happy birthday: balloons fly up
  • Congratulations/Selamat: it’s raining confetti
  • Happy New Year: fireworks explode on the screen
  • Happy Chinese New Year: red fireworks pattering down

But iMessage can do even more. If you hold down the Send button after typing a message, more options appear. Not only can you send the message here in secret ink or with force. There are also more animations to choose from, such as hearts or dozens of chat bubbles.