Sellers may not end auctions on Ebay without reason

It is a widespread misconception that online auctions can be stopped as easily as they were started. Because in the end, the purchase contract is valid if you don’t have a good reason to cancel it.

Bis zwölf Stunden vor Ende darf man als Ebay-Verkäufer eine Online-Auktion ohne weiteres beenden. Dass diese Annahme aus dem Reich der Mythen stammt, erfahren manche Verkäuferinnen und Verkäufer erst vor Gericht, berichtet die Foundation for product testing.

Groundless termination of an Ebay auction can be expensive

The bitter lesson: Sellers must then deliver auctioned thing not only nevertheless still or pay compensation, but also still court and lawyer costs to take over. It needs already a good reason, in order to break off a running auction, so the experts.

According to the information, this includes the error about essential characteristics of the offered auction item, its theft or its destruction. In case of doubt, one must be able to prove the last two points.

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Set minimum price when advertising

The most important tip of the product testers for Ebay sellers: at least for auctions with high-value goods, definitely set an appropriate minimum price. And the most important advice for buyers who feel cheated out of a bargain after an abandonment: Ask the seller to deliver or demand proof that the seller was justified in stopping the auction.


Foundation for product testing