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Send iPhone messages with secret ink

Apple’s iPhone messenger iMessage offers some special effects. atechbook shows how you can send messages in secret ink or “with a bang”.

With Apple’s iMessage service, you can spice up sent messages even more. Among other things, it is possible to send a text so that it is only readable when you tap on it. The function is called “secret ink”. atechbook shows how you can use this and other special effects in the iPhone messenger.

Use iMessage with special effects

You don’t need much to use the tool, just an iPhone equipped with at least iOS 10. To apply effects such as secret ink and the like, then proceed as follows:

  1. Open the messaging service iMessage via the green and white speech bubble. Then select the chat history in which you want to send the message.
  2. Compose the corresponding text.
  3. Before you then send the message regularly, press and hold the “Send” button until the menu with the special effects opens. If you have an iPhone with 3D Touch (iPhone 6s and newer), you will then also feel haptic feedback.
  4. Select the desired effect.
  5. Press the “Send” button as normal.

The message will then be sent within the chat with the corresponding effect. In the case of the secret ink, this means that the receiving iPhone owner must first tap on the text to be able to read it. After a few seconds, the message disappears again.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial with video:

More effects with iMessage

Besides the mentioned secret ink, you can use other effects with iMessage on your iPhone. The procedure is the same, except that you select a different effect in the special effects menu.

Sending a message with “blast” means just that. The text slams into the field once, including haptic feedback. With the “Striking” option, on the other hand, the text shakes once in the image in a big way before it is normally readable. This allows you to emphasize the importance of a message, for example. If you select “Inconspicuous”, the message becomes smaller once before it can be read normally again.

Other effects are hidden in the same special effects menu in iMessage under “Background”, the selection option at the top next to “Speech bubble”. “Send with echo” means here that the word flickers once in multiple versions across the display. “Spotlight” highlights a word with a light effect, while “Balloons” lets colorful balloons fly across the screen. There are also the effects “Confetti”, “Heart”, “Laser Beams”, “Fireworks” and “Shower of Sparks”. Once the effect has expired, it can be reactivated at any time via the repeat sign below the text message.

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Effects also affect images and emojis

The special effects mentioned, such as the iPhone secret ink, can also be applied to images and emojis on the Apple smartphone. In the case of the ink, a blank image with animated glitter rain can then be seen in the chat.

The effect is even more impressive in this case, since the recipient has to rub his finger over the entire image to see it. By the way, the message preview also shows that something was “sent with secret ink”. This is not the case with the other effects.


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