Send photos via WhatsApp in HD quality

Users do not only exchange messages via WhatsApp. Videos and especially photos also make the rounds on the messenger. But there is one major drawback: the compression of the images. WhatsApp is now testing a function

Some WhatsApp users might know it: You want to have a nice photo sent by friends to print it out or post it on social media. In many cases, the pictures then come via WhatsApp. However, these are highly compressed and thus hardly suitable for printing and also not as good for posting as the high-resolution originals. However, the very well-informed site WABetainfo now reports about the possibility of soon being able to select the quality of the sent photos on WhatsApp.

Sending photos via WhatsApp in better quality

WABetainfo has discovered the new feature in the beta version. According to it, you can generally specify in which quality the photos should be sent. As it looks, this does not work individually for each photo, but you set it in the Android settings. There you will find three options:

  • Auto (recommended): WhatsApp itself recommends leaving it up to the messenger to decide in which quality a photo is sent. WhatsApp primarily bases this on the Internet connection or speed. The worse this is, the more likely it is that the messenger sends the photo in compressed form.
  • Best quality: As the name suggests, you always send the photo via WhatsApp in the best possible quality here. It is not clear whether this is always the original size or whether compression can still occur. The latter would be annoying and would make the function look quite incomplete in our opinion. After all, that’s exactly what it’s all about: sending photos in their original size.
  • Data saver: in this mode, WhatsApp compresses the photos. The resolution is lower. In return, sending is faster and less data volume is consumed. The difference is often not visible to the naked eye on smartphone displays, as is currently the case.

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Currently, the function can be found in the WhatsApp beta version for Android with the number iOS users can now also test the function in the beta.