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Significantly extend the battery life of the cell phone with only one setting

With all the functions that modern smartphones offer nowadays, the battery can hardly keep up. It often runs out after just one day – or even faster. But one setting can save energy and thus extend the runtime. atechbook explains how.

Our cell phones are in constant use every day. So it’s no wonder that they run out of power from time to time. But there is a trick that can save energy and increase the battery life of the smartphone. The solution is called: screen off. With a very simple change in the settings, you can switch the time of the display and thus save energy around the clock.

If you do not touch your phone’s touchscreen, the display automatically dims after a certain time. How long a display remains active is defined in the settings. The longer the period, the more energy it eats up – especially if the display also shines brightly. So turning down the screen time can save energy and increase battery life.

How to increase battery life

On the iPhone, the time of the automatic display switch-off can be reduced in the phone’s settings and thus increase the battery life. In the sub-item ” & Brightness ” you will find the “automatic lock” and can minimize it from one minute to 30 seconds.

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On Android devices, users can also change the screen lock time in the settings. In the menu item ” “, you can change the time until the display darkens and thus saves power in the “Screen timeout” section. The function can also have a slightly different name depending on the device. As a rule, periods between 15 seconds and up to 30 minutes are available for selection here.


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