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Simple trick improves the WLAN signal on the iPhone

Have you ever experienced this? The Internet on laptops, tablets and the like works fine in your home Wi-Fi network, but surfing on the iPhone is a test of patience. A simple trick can help. And if that doesn’t work either, atechbook has another somewhat unconventional method for you.

Time and again, iPhone owners complain about poor WLAN reception, especially when they go online via their home WLAN network. In the worst case, reception there is so poor that only surfing via mobile data is possible. The agreed data volume in the cell phone contract then melts away within a very short time. But what can you do if all the other devices get a stable signal without any problems, but not the iPhone? Our simple trick is not new, but if you don’t know it yet, you should definitely try it. It only takes a few seconds and finally gives you a better connection with your iPhone.

The trick works with any iPhone with a reasonably current iOS version. Only three steps are necessary for this:

Step 1: Open the control center

On the home screen, simply swipe up or down (depending on your iPhone) to open the control center.

Step 2: Switch to airplane mode

A tap on the airplane icon in the top left corner is enough to disconnect all connections and put the device into airplane mode.

Screenshot iPhone
Photo: atechbook

Step 3: Activate WLAN

In the last step, activate the WLAN again by pressing the corresponding icon. The iPhone will now automatically connect to the WLAN.

What are the consequences of this setting?

In our test, this setting actually not only ensures better WLAN, but also makes it properly usable in our editor’s home network from the iPhone in the first place. Thus, the trick is also indispensable at the moment. It is particularly interesting that you can still make phone calls. iPhones namely offer the option of WLAN telephony.

To do this, simply go to “Settings” -> “Cellular” -> “WLAN calls” and activate it.

It may be that emergency calls, for example, are not possible with some mobile phone providers. For example, O2.

If the WLAN on the iPhone remains bad, set to LAN!

If this trick doesn’t really work either, there is a not so practical, but very reliable alternative:

You can solve the WLAN problem with a cheap adapter. You can read how this works in the text linked above.


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