Smartphone battery quickly empty? A practical function can help!

When the power reserves drop rapidly, the culprits are often apps running in the background. atechbook shows how you can locate the battery guzzlers.

It already occurs after a few months on Android smartphones: Weakness due to age. It is particularly noticeable in the battery, which does not last as long as it once did. The main reason for this are apps that eat up a lot of battery. But with just a few clicks, you can locate the energy-hungry apps on your smartphone and shut them down.

Find battery guzzlers in the settings

1. If you want to track down the battery guzzlers, first open the settings of your Android device.

2. then tap the Battery menu item.

Note: On some Android smartphones, this option is sometimes hidden, but can be easily found using the search function in the settings.

Select the option Total consumption. On some devices, this item is hidden under the three-item menu and the Battery Usage option.

In the overview, you can see a curve that shows how much battery charge is left and when the smartphone has to be plugged in again. Below that, the individual apps are listed according to percentage of consumption. Click on one of the apps to learn more about the consumption.

5. In the single view, you can check how the battery consumption of an app is divided. It shows how long it runs in the background or when actively in use. This is a quick way to find out which app eats battery when you are not using it.

In the battery usage overview, you can also access the Show full device usage option via the three-point menu. This lists the consumption of individual phone functions such as the screen, WLAN and operating system in addition to the consumption of the Akufresser apps.

More tips for better battery life

If apps in the overview consume a lot of battery in the background, it can help to force a stop. Also, Android from version 8 Oreo has a built-in battery optimization that automatically reduces background activity to a minimum. You can find the option in the battery settings.

atechbook also has an overview of the biggest battery guzzlers ready. Some apps on the list might surprise you.

You can conserve the battery by avoiding certain things. The battery loses a lot of capacity when it is exposed to heat for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is recommended not to use the smartphone while charging so that no additional heat is generated.

Also, the battery capacity permanently decreases if the cells are always fully charged and discharged. The battery level is optimal for the “health” of the cells between 20 and 80 percent. Therefore, try not to always charge the smartphone to 100 percent, but rather unplug it at 80-90 percent if possible. Some manufacturers like Apple already have a built-in gentle function that only charges the smartphone to 80 percent at night.