Sony plans its own electric car

After Apple and Xiaomi, Sony is now also showing interest in the electric car business. In three years, the Japanese electronics group wants to bring out a joint vehicle with Honda.

Actually, Japanese electronics giant Sony is best known for its smartphones, TV sets and the PlayStation game console. But now the company wants to discover a new business field for itself and is entering into a cooperation with Honda for its car plans. The companies want to jointly develop electric cars and establish a mobility service. The first electric car from the cooperation is to be launched on the market in 2025, as Sony and Honda have now announced.

Sony to develop platform, Honda to build the car

Sony had already presented the second prototype of its own electric car two months ago and founded a subsidiary that is to examine production. Initially, there were no details about what the cooperation with Honda meant for the prototype project. Among others, the contract manufacturer Magna was involved there.

In the plans with Honda, however, the roles are now clearly distributed. The carmaker is to build the first model in its factories. Sony, on the other hand, will develop the mobility platform and contribute expertise in sensors, network systems and entertainment technology.

First electric car from Sony planned for 2025

The first model should be on the market in 2025, he said. “With the joint venture, we want to lead the evolution in mobility by combining our technology and experience with Honda’s long experience in developing and building cars,” Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said.

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe did not rule out an IPO of the joint venture, even if that was not currently on the agenda. At the same time, he expressed openness to other partners.┬áHonda will continue to pursue its own electric car strategy, he stressed. The move advances Sony’s ambitions as a major player in the car market, while automakers like Honda are under pressure to develop zero-emission electric cars.

With material from dpa.