Story Likes! How to use the new Instagram function

Instagram has introduced a new feature and it might give clues to where the social network wants to go in the future.

Once Instagram had become big as a “photo platform”. With the takeover by Facebook (now Meta), the big attack on the social media competition began. Popular functions of the competitors were successfully copied or the entire orientation was adapted. Now the introduction of Story Likes started on Instagram. atechbook reveals how you can use the feature and what it means for Instagram’s path.

This is how the Story-Like works

Today, many users are likely to have seen the following message on their smartphone:

Story-Like Instagram
Instagram informed its users about the innovation Photo: atechbook

While it was previously only possible to react to Instagram Stories using “Quick Reactions”, this is now also possible with a Like. Simply click on the newly added heart in the lower right-hand corner of the story.

This heart is new Photo: atechbook

Unlike the familiar reactions with emojis, Story likes on Instagram do not appear in the other person’s private messages. Rather, you get a notification in the activities. So just as if someone likes a picture from the feed.

This is what it looks like now Photo: atechbook

Is Instagram betting more on Stories again?

Instagram -Veterans will still darkly remember a time when there were no Instagram Stories. Competitor Snapchat popularized the concept of videos or pictures that automatically disappear after 24 hours in the 2010s. Especially in the U.S., Snapchat hit like a bomb. Instagram followed suit and established the function quickly and successfully.

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With the current move, Instagram seems to want to increase the focus on Instagram Stories. Most recently, it relied fully on Reels, i.e. high-edge videos up to a maximum of one minute. This was Insta’s reaction to the huge competition from TikTok, which is especially popular with the younger target group. Stories and reels are not mutually exclusive, however. What is becoming increasingly clear, however, is that purely posting pictures seems to be losing importance.