StudiVZ and meinVZ go offline for good

Insolvency came in 2017, followed by a relaunch attempt in 2020. Now it’s clear that the plug is finally being pulled on the VZ networks. Everything is to be over by the end of March – only the games will probably live on.

Fun groups for students and cuddling, an idiosyncratic neologism for liking: These are the trademarks of the VZ networks.¬†Or were, one almost has to say. Because the operator Poolworks has announced the closure of “studiVZ” and “meinVZ” on March 31.

Who once again reminisce, others gruscheln, should therefore hurry.

Continue playing StudiVZ games elsewhere

Various online games that were quite popular in VZ networks until recently are expected to remain playable for users on a new platform or on other sites with all game saves.

One works “with high pressure on the migration of the plays”, is called in the Poolworks Blog. Further information about the games is to be published there shortly. Founded at the end of 2005, the studio directory (StudiVZ) celebrated a good half decade of great success. In the 2010s, however, StudiVZ ran out of users. Social media giant Facebook attracted users of all ages in droves, relegating the VZ networks to irrelevance.

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What users should do quickly now

Before the closure of the VZ networks StudiVZ and meinVZ, users should urgently call up their accounts again. Possibly old pictures with memory value still lie there. These can still be downloaded until March 31, 2022. After that, the sites will be taken offline for good.