Suddenly pink – iPhone 13 users report display errors

A bug in Apple’s iPhone 13 causes the smartphone to stop working for some users. The curious thing about this: the screen simply turns pink.

In Apple’s community forum and on Reddit, users report that the iPhone 13 display is suddenly completely pink and can no longer be operated. What the problem is about and what those affected can do is explained by atechbook.

iPhone 13 with pink display and crashes

The first known instance where we are aware of the bug is from October 2021, when a user reported that his iPhone 13 Pro suddenly showed only a pink screen after just one day. Only after a few seconds did the image disappear, but it kept coming back. According to a reply to the post, the user received a replacement device. Nevertheless, other people report in the same post that they are also affected by the problem – even in January 2022. Complaints from iPhone 13 owners are also piling up in a post on Reddit. According to the post, the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max are affected in addition to the iPhone 13.

Apparently, Apple support is not always as accommodating as in the first known case. According to replies in Apple’s forum and on Reddit, the support is said to have said that it is a software problem – and not a hardware defect. One user was reportedly advised in the Apple Store to install the latest iOS version.

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Apple is aware of the problem

The Chinese blog “My Drivers” has found a statement that was allegedly posted by Apple’s official customer service on the social media platform “Weibo”. The statement states that Apple does not assume a hardware problem:

“We have not received any relevant evidence to suggest that this is a hardware issue. Such a situation usually occurs when the system is locked.”

The same statement states that Apple advises to create a system backup and then install the latest iOS update. Although Apple is apparently aware of the bug, there is no explicit fix for it so far. There are also no hints in iOS 15.3, which is supposed to be released soon.

atechbook has reached out to Apple for clarification, but so far has not received a response.


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