Suddenly unvaccinated! When the digital vaccination certificate is gone

Suddenly feeling how it feels in everyday life to be unvaccinated. That’s what atechbook editorial director Andreas Filbig had to experience. Suddenly, his digital proof of vaccination was gone.

As a vaccinated person, I can currently go wherever I want. The digital proof of vaccination in my CovPass app, in conjunction with my ID card and, rarely, PCR test, opens all doors for me. What it feels like to have to stay outside, I now had to experience firsthand.

Late at work, unloaded at dinner

It’s the end of November 2021, and 3G regulations are in effect at the workplace. Anyone who wants to go into the office must be vaccinated, recovered or tested. The test must not be older than 24 hours, must not be taken at home and must be valid for the entire working day. For the first time since the introduction of 3G at work, I’m on my way back to the office because I have an important appointment that has to take place on site. At the entrance, I already see several colleagues checking proof of vaccination or current test. No problem, I think to myself, pull out my smartphone, open the CovPass app and am stunned to see the following picture:

Unlike the CovPass app, however, the digital proof of vaccination it contains was not transferred. This is tied to the device, similar to most smartphone banks. So after restoring the backup, you should definitely rescan the QR code directly. For me, this means going home again after work. What you don’t have in your head, you have in your legs.