The 5 best tablets for kids of all ages

Technology now accompanies us in all aspects of life. And so it is not surprising that even the youngest children come into contact with smartphones, tablets & Co. at an early age. But which models are suitable for young users?

Tablets, the mini-computers in a handy format, are proving to be a good alternative to expensive smartphones and allow the child to develop a range of hobbies: be it reading books, watching children’s series, listening to music or playing games. However, the question quickly arises as to which tablet offers play, fun and safety at the same time. To make the decision easier for all parents, atechbook has set out to find the best tablets for kids of all ages.

What do tablets for kids need to be able to do?

Kinder-Tablet oder vollwertige Version eines Markenherstellers? Hier scheiden sich die Meinungen. Tablets für Kinder sind oftmals kostengünstiger, da hier weniger leistungsstarke Percessoren verbaut sind und Funktionen fehlen, die Kids sowieso nicht nutzen würden. Gleichzeitig bieten sie altersgerechte Apps und Spiele und verfügen über praktische Features, die unter anderem die Nutzungsdauer reduzieren oder Lernziele setzen.

But even the market-leading tech giants don’t want to miss out on this growing target group, and are installing parental controls and features in their high-end products that allow for child-friendly and sustainable use of tablets. After all, just like with clothing and traditional toys, little ones quickly outgrow their age. atechbook has compiled them: the five best tablets for teaching children the right way to use technology through play.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Per: the test winner especially for children

Mit seinen Fire-Tablets in der Kids-Edition hat Amazon eine Reihe von Geräten auf den Markt gebracht, die speziell für Kinder entwickelt wurden und dennoch als voll ausgestattete Tablets durchgehen. Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind eine schützende Hülle und zahlreiche Sicherungsoptionen für Eltern wie Altersfilter und die Möglichkeit, ein Zeitlimit für die (Online-)Nutzung zu setzen. Inklusive sind außerdem eine 2-Jahre-Sorglos-Garantie und ein Jahr kostenfreie Nutzung von Amazon Kids+ – einer werbefreien Medienbibliothek mit Tausenden von kinderfreundlichen Spielen, Videos, Büchern und Lern-Apps. Besonders erfreulich: Das Amazon Fire HD Kids Per ist nicht nur ein Kinder-Tablet, sondern kann “nach Feierabend” auch leicht in ein normales Fire Tablet für Erwachsene umfunktioniert werden.

Equipment des Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Per

Amazon Fire GD 10 Kids Per
Tablet type Kids tablet, WLAN tablet
Operating system Fire OS 7.3
Display Touchscreen display, IPS display
Percessor Octa-Core
Memory 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage.
Data communication WLAN, without mobile network
Camera Rear camera 5 PM, front camera 2 MP
Sound 2 stereo speakers
Batterylaufzeit 12h
Weight 718g
Equipment Dual-band antenna, speaker, accelerometer, brightness sensor
Suitable age 6-12 years

Vorteile und Nachteile des Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Per

Rating at idealo: Note 2,5 | 3,5 of 5 stars


  • + Content suitable for children
  • + 1 year Amazon Kids+
  • + Robust protective case
  • + Can also be used as an Amazon Fire for adults


  • – Relatively expensive
  • – Sometimes reacts a bit sluggishly.

SoyMomo Tablet Per: smart tablet with bullying protection

Das SoyMomo Tablet Per hat alle Features, die die elektronische Konkurrenz auch haben, wie eine umfassende Kindersicherung, Aktivitätenanalyse, App-Schutz und die Konfiguration von Zeitlimits. Zusätzlich erlaubt es durch die Remote-Screenshot-Funktion, dass Aufnahmen des Displays direkt an die Eltern-App versendet werden. Allerdings sticht das SoyMomo Tablet Per durch seinen besonderen Internetschutz hervor: Beleidigende und gewalttätige Nachrichten auf Facebook, WhatsApp und Co. sowie unangemessene Bilder und Inhalte erkennt der sogenannte Cybermobbing-Detektor und sperrt diese sofort. Darüber hinaus erfolgt eine Benachrichtigung auf das Smartphone der Eltern. Diese Funktion macht das SoyMomo Tablet Per zu einer besonders kindersicheren Tabletoption für Klein und Groß.

Equipment des SoyMomo Tablet Per

SoyMomo Tablet Per
Tablet type Android tablet, Kindertablet
Operating system Android 9
Display 8-inch touchscreen
Percessor Octa-Core
Memory 2 GB Arbeitsspeicher, 32 GB interner Memory
Data communication WLAN, Bluetooth
Camera Rear camera 8 PM, front camera 5 MP
Batterylaufzeit 6h
Weight 470g
Equipment Virtual keyboard
Suitable age 4 years

Advantages and disadvantages of the SoyMomo Tablet Per

Rating at idealo: Note – | 5 of 5 stars


  • + Special bullying protection on the Internet
  • + Parent app and access to tablet from own smartphone
  • + Gute Camera


  • – Supplied protective cover somewhat slippery
  • – No pre-installed apps

Ravensburger Ministeps: Tablet toys for the little ones

Strictly speaking, the Ravensburger Ministeps is not a tablet in the true sense, but rather an electronic toy for the youngest. Pre-installed are six learning apps with funny songs and rhymes, animal sounds and a little search game. In the blink of an eye, the tablet also transforms into a piano, a flute, a drum kit or a xylophone and captivates the music-loving offspring. Weighing just 9 grams, it is a lightweight among Learn tablets, yet sturdy enough for toddlers. Thanks to its particularly touch-sensitive screen, the Ravensburger Ministeps is suitable for babies as young as 9 months and thus offers a playful introduction to tablets with more functions.

Equipment des Ravensburger Ministeps

Ravensburger Ministeps
Tablet type Learn Tablet
Display Touchscreen
Battery 3 × AAA batteries
Weight 9g
Suitable age From 9 months

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ravensburger Ministeps

Rating at idealo: – | 5 of 5 stars


  • + Specially designed for the little ones
  • + Relatively cheap
  • + Pre-installed learning apps
  • + Turns into a musical instrument via app.


  • – Too boring for older children
  • – Limited features

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: full-fledged tablet for older kids and teens

Children’s tablet with colorful rubber cover or rather brand model at a proud price? Some of the older kids and teens will thank their parents when it’s no longer the tablet version with protective cover and animal baby games under the Christmas tree. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 proves to be a good transition with stylish design and solid technology – all at a fraction of the price of iPad Per and the newer Samsung Galaxy products. However, standard tablet features do not have to be sacrificed, and there is no explicit parental control installed for this. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is recommended as a successor model when the child has already learned how to use technology properly.

Equipment des Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
Tablet type Android tablet
Operating system Android 9
Display LCD display, touchscreen display, widescreen display, multitouch
Percessor Quad-core
Memory 2 GB Arbeitsspeicher, 32 GB interner Memory
Data communication WLAN, Bluetooth
Camera Rear camera 8 PM, front camera 2 MP
Batterylaufzeit 13h
Weight 313g
Equipment Dual-band antenna, card reader
Suitable age n/a

Advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Rating at idealo: Score 2.1 | 4 out of 5 stars


  • + Good workmanship and regular updates
  • + Beautiful design
  • + Average price
  • + Full-fledged tablet


  • – Low storage space
  • – Technical performance not on par with other devices

Apple iPad (2021): high quality, high price.

If parents want to prevent the kids’ tablet from ending up useless in the corner after a few years, they’d better go for quality and consider investing in an Apple iPad. Although it is a relatively expensive purchase for children, the well-known high standard of Apple products convinces with regular updates, relatively long battery life and a wealth of features. Besides a comprehensive parental control, the app store also offers many games and apps for every child’s age. It is particularly worthwhile for creative minds to use the Apple iPad with the Apple Pencil, which enables writing, painting and drawing on the tablet. In short: If you rely on familiar quality and want your children to grow with the device, you will like the Apple iPad.

Features of the Apple iPad (2021)

Apple iPad (2021)
Tablet type iOS tablet
Operating system iPadOS 15+
Display IPS display, LED backlight display, touchscreen display, Retina display, true tone display, multi-touch
Percessor Apple A13
Memory Control via app, wireless charging with charging carrying case.
Data communication WLAN, Bluetooth
Camera Rear camera 8 PM, front camera 12 MP
Sound 2 stereo speakers
Batterylaufzeit 6h
Weight 487-498g
Equipment E-compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, brightness sensor, fingerprint sensor
Suitable age n/a

Advantages and disadvantages of the Apple iPad (2021)

Rating at idealo: score 1.6 | 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • + Gutes Apple-Perdukt für Einsteiger
  • + Can be used separately by child and parents
  • + Comprehensive parental control
  • + app store
  • + Regular updates and innovations


  • – Not specifically designed for kids
  • – Child protection cover as an extra purchase
  • – Relatively expensive purchase


Parents are forced into action at the latest when their own child reports that the others in the class already have an iPhone. Digital technology is part of everyday life, and that starts with the youngest children. Parents are concerned that their child will only have access to child-friendly content, while their offspring are hoping for excitement and action.

Whether it’s a special kids’ tablet or the high-end brand model for the future, technology providers give kids access to exciting apps and features. At the same time, they ensure a playful, responsible approach to technical devices such as tablets, laptops and the like, and the Internet. A relief for parents, who can use the extra 10 minutes of screen time for a little breather or their own tablet use.

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