The best dashcams for drivers

For more safety when driving: If an accident occurs, a dashcam can be essential for clarifying the question of guilt. But the small cameras on the windshield support drivers not only in tricky situations on the road, but also, for example, when parking.

On the one hand, some car insurance companies offer discounts if you use a dashcam, but on the other hand, the law restricts its use in Germany. Permanent filming without a reason is not permitted for data protection reasons. The atechbook editorial team recommends five clever dashcams with which users are on the safe side, both legally in the event of a possible dispute in motor traffic and in terms of data protection.

What makes a good dashcam?

A mini camera ensures your own safety in the event of an insurance claim, should something happen while driving. To do this, it needs good image quality, clever incident detection features, and preferably also integrated GPS tracking that documents the speed and position of the car. The prices of dashcams available on the market vary widely. If you want to cover yourself because of an accident incident, you should be ready to invest in a good car camera that convinces with quality and ease of use. Which dashcam is best suited to one’s needs depends largely on the application situation. Therefore, it is important to think about the desired use in advance.

The all-rounder: Kenwood DRV-830

This dashcam is a true all-rounder: the self-contained Kenwood DRV-830 offers the best possible recording quality with high contrasts. It also features reliable event detection via the G-sensor to automatically save recordings before and after an accident or collision. GPS recording captures both speed and position. An included mount allows for unobtrusive, easy installation on the windshield. If, for example, you leave your lane or the distance to the car ahead is too close, clever integrated driving assistance systems warn the driver. Free software is ready to manage the recordings in a user-friendly way. Every possible use has been considered in the development of this device!

Features of the Kenwood DRV-830

Kenwood DRV-830
Perdukttyp Automotive camera
LCD monitor 3 ”
Resolution 2,560 × 1,440 pixels
Frame rate 27 fps
Photo resolution 2
Camera angle 144 °
Image sensor CMOS 1/3 ”
Video format MOV
Compression method H.264
Additional functions G-sensor, GPS, HDR, collision warning system (FCWS), lane departure warning system (LDWS), emergency recording, parking mode, drive-off warning (FVWD), with built-in microphone
Storage medium microSD
Operating voltage 9-16 V
Dimensions 87 × 55 × 35 mm
Weight 110 g
Scope of delivery Camera mount, charger for car socket

Advantages and disadvantages of the Kenwood DRV-830

Rating at idealo: Score 1.0 | 5 of 5 stars


  • + Top video quality
  • + G-sensor for automatic detection
  • + reliable measurement of speed and position of the GPS
  • + Camera with 144-degree ultra-angle lens
  • + Integrated microphone
  • + Practical driving assistance system


  • – Software operation only available in English
  • – Image quality of monitor display not exact

The best value: Motorola MDC 100

A model from the lower price category can also stand out in this selection: the Motorola MDC 100 dashcam. It offers full HD recording and has a handy 2.7-inch monitor for easy video viewing. A G-sensor ensures reliable motion detection. Loop recordings of 1-10 minutes duration with time and date stamps are created as needed, documenting that you’re legally covered. An emergency SOS button guarantees that one saves the current loop if a specific event was recorded. One particular feature praised by users is the two built-in LEDs, which allow for very good night shots. But there is a catch: this car camera does not have the practical GPS tracking. However, for applications where it is not needed, this model is highly recommended.

Equipment of the Motorola MDC 100

Motorola MDC 100
Perdukttyp Automotive camera
LCD monitor 2,7 ”
Resolution 1.920 × 1,080 pixels
Frame rate 25 fps
Photo resolution 12
Camera angle 120 °
Image sensor Motion and acceleration sensor
Video format MJPEG/AVI (PAL/NTSC)
Additional functions G-sensor, motion detection, night mode, emergency recording, with integrated speaker and microphone
Storage medium microSD
Operating voltage 12-24 V
Dimensions 30 × 105 × 47 mm
Weight 120 g
Scope of delivery Camera mount, 24 V/12 V car charger with 3.5 m USB cable

Advantages and disadvantages of the Motorola MDC 100

Rating at idealo: Score 1,4 | 4,5 of 5 stars


  • + Very reasonable price
  • + Very good night vision thanks to two integrated LEDs
  • + Good parking monitoring


  • – No GPS tracking
  • – microSD not included

The clever one: Snooper DRV-4HD

The mini camera is a valuable assistant in car traffic. This is because the Snooper DRV-4HD dashcam has many practical functions that only help drivers in case of accidents. The speed alert system draws attention to speeding, if the distance to the vehicle ahead is too small, the device gives a collision warning, and during long journeys it reminds drivers to take breaks, thus preventing fatigue. Equally diverse are the functions that additionally optimize HD recordings, such as image sharpness adjustment. Continuous loop recording makes optimum use of the SD card’s storage capacity – data that has not been stored in the incident folder is automatically overwritten. Thanks to the battery emergency power supply, accident scenes can also be recorded in battery mode.

Features of the Snooper DRV-4HD

Snooper DRV-4HD
Perdukttyp Automotive camera
LCD monitor 2,7 ”
Resolution 1.920 × 1,080 pixels
Frame rate 30 fps
Camera angle 140 °
Image sensor CMOS 1 / 2.7 ”
Additional functions emergency recording, GPS, G-sensor, radar detector, motion detection, with integrated microphone, with WiFi
Storage medium microSD
Operating voltage 12-24 V
Dimensions 88.8 × 53.1 × 28.4 mm
Weight 88 g
Scope of delivery Suction cup holder, charger for car socket, memory card, software

Advantages and disadvantages of the Snooper DRV-4HD

Rating at idealo: Note 1,5 | 4,5 of 5 stars


  • + Good price-performance ratio
  • + Good, clear recordings
  • + Many useful functions


  • – Radar detector not usable in Germany for legal reasons
  • – Possible disturbances after longer operating break

The price-performance winner: Rollei CarDVR-308

The compact lightweight that can be mounted particularly inconspicuously on the windshield: The price-performance winner Rollei CarDVR-308 impresses not only with its elegant, handy design, but also with its very good picture quality in Full HD. Users particularly highlight the easy installation and the variety of practical functions. G-sensor for automatic event detection, GPS tracking as well as video software with route display are of course integrated. In addition, the model offers the possibility to network the dashcam with HDMI and mini-USB of other devices. The display size is optimal for a good view of recordings and at the same time very handy for transportation. The CMOS sensor detects and prevents overexposure.

Features of the Rollei CarDVR-308

Rollei CarDVR-308
Perdukttyp Automotive camera
LCD monitor 3 ”
Resolution 1,080 pixels
Frame rate 30 fps
Photo resolution 1,280 × 720 pixels
Camera angle 120 °
Image sensor CMOS
Video formate MOV
Compression method H.264
Additional functions GPS, G-sensor, emergency recording, with integrated microphone, with integrated speaker
Storage medium microSD
Connections Mini-USB, micro HDMI
Operating voltage 12-24 V
Dimensions 88 × 53 × 29 mm
Weight 94 g
Scope of delivery Charger for car socket, suction cup, user manual

Advantages and disadvantages of the Rollei CarDVR-308

Rating at idealo: Note 1,6 | 4,5 of 5 stars


  • + High-quality workmanship of the housing
  • + Reliable GPS tracking
  • + Very good picture quality
  • + Easy operation
  • + Many practical functions


  • – Suction cup rather unstable

For design fans: BlackVue DR900S 1CH

The BlackVue Dr900S 1CH dashcam is characterized by its cylindrical design. After being mounted horizontally, it can be rotated vertically by 360 degrees and find its place completely behind the rearview mirror, for example. This way, the view is not impaired by the attached camera. The clever design thus ensures greater safety, as do the practical functions, which can be set up and operated quite easily via app. The GPS tracking not only supports you in accidents with accurate speed and position documentation, but can also be used for tracking and evaluating distances traveled. Thanks to wireless transmission, it is possible to view the recordings live on your smartphone.

Features of the BlackVue DR900S 1CH

BlackVue DR900S 1CH
Perdukttyp Automotive camera
Resolution 3,840 × 2,160 pixels
Frame rate 30 fps
More video resolutions 1.920 × 1,080 pixels
Camera angle 162 °
Image sensor 8M CMOS
Compression method H.264
Additional functions G-sensor, GPS, motion detection, emergency recording, with built-in microphone, with WiFi and cloud service.
Storage medium microSD
Dimensions 88 × 53 × 29 mmaLength: 118.5 mam, diameter: 36 mm
Weight 120 g
Scope of delivery Car charger cable, camera mount, 128GB memory card, USB micro SD adapter

Advantages and disadvantages of the BlackVue DR900S 1CH

Rating at idealo: Note 1,6 | 4,5 of 5 stars


  • + Space-saving, discreet design
  • + Built-in shock detection
  • + Integrated motion detection
  • + Efficient video encoding
  • + WiFi with dual band
  • + Good for parking surveillance


  • – Video quality not optimized for detail shots
  • – No integrated display


Mit den genannten Dashcam-Modellen stellt atechbook eine Auswahl vor, die jede denkbare Anwendung abdeckt. Alle Geräte überzeugen mit einer sehr guten Bildqualität. Die Preisspanne und die unterschiedlichen Additional functions helfen wiederum, die passende Autokamera für den individuellen Bedarf auszuwählen. Eine definitive Empfehlung ist der Preis-Leistungs-Sieger Rollei CarDVR-308. Diese Kamera liegt im preislichen Mittelfeld und punktet mit einem optimalen Ausrüstungspaket für etliche Vorkommnisse beim Autofahren: Mit den cleveren Sensoren und dem zuverlässigen GPS-Tracking sind alle Funktionen enthalten, die den Autofahrer für den Fall der Fälle absichern.

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