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Grocery shopping is stressful and takes time. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because delivery services like Flink or Gorillas can bring the goods directly to your doorstep, sometimes within ten minutes of ordering. And that’s even at comparatively low delivery costs. However, not all services are convincing and there are some pitfalls that ultimately make shopping more expensive than at the local store.

Shopping at online mail-order companies is extremely popular in Germany, with the Corona pandemic accelerating this trend once again. At least when it comes to groceries, however, many customers still prefer to visit the stores of Edeka, Rewe, Lidl, Kaufland & Co. With Flink and Gorillas, however, delivery services are increasingly entering the market in this country as well, alongside Amazon Fresh, often hiding well-known food retailers behind them. But where is the quality and price-performance ratio right? But above all, who delivers particularly quickly? atechbook took a look at the most important delivery services.

Flink is one of the largest and best-known food delivery services and is a partner of Rewe. The Berlin-based company promises that orders will arrive at the doorstep within ten minutes on weekdays between 8 am and 11 pm. The service is available mainly in major cities such as Berlin, Düsseldorf and Cologne or in the Ruhr region. However, the list also includes places like Remscheid, Moers or Passau. The standard delivery costs are 1.80 euros, which seems comparatively cheap. However, these may well differ for larger deliveries.

Cash payment upon delivery is not possible; the invoice must be paid in the app. Various payment methods are available here. Particularly for fresh products like fruits and vegetables, Flink offers quite a large selection on par with Rewe stores. However, attractive special offers like those found locally are often missing. In general, we had the impression that fresh produce in particular is more expensive at Flink than in the store. Overall, the assortment is predominantly brand-name products, which also explains the higher prices.


Gorillas is also one of the better-known delivery services that are growing rapidly in Germany. Like Flink, it promises to deliver the goods to the customer within ten minutes, but the delivery area is much smaller than that of the competitor. In addition to Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig, the list mainly includes major cities in western Germany. These include Cologne, Düsseldorf and Dortmund, but also Münster. The advantage of Gorillas is that there is no minimum order value and delivery costs start at 1.80 euros. In addition to fresh produce, the Berliners focus in particular on fitness products and vegan nutrition. The focus is on the app; unlike Flink, for example, there is no direct product overview on the homepage.

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Amazon Fresh

The grocery delivery service of industry leader Amazon is top dog among the aforementioned offerings, but there are various restrictions here compared to Flink and Gorillas. For example, Amazon requires an Amazon Prime membership to use the service. Also, the maximum number of products per order is limited to 75 items. In addition, there are delivery costs of 3.99 euros in addition to the Prime fee, but these are waived for orders of 80 euros or more (two-hour delivery window). The minimum order value is 20 euros. Amazon Fresh’s prices for fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables and meat, are in many cases higher than the prices in local stores. We found the offer only moderately attractive in terms of price and selection, especially since the overall availability leaves much to be desired. Our competitors are much better in this respect. Advantage over Flink and Gorillas: Amazon Fresh has a larger delivery area in many cities.


The Bringmeister delivery service is a partner of Edeka in Germany. Among all the offers mentioned, it stands out above all for its particularly favorable delivery fee of 0.99 euros. The minimum order value is 40 euros, and deliveries are made at hourly intervals. However, the service is only available in a few selected cities such as Berlin, Potsdam, Munich and Augsburg. This puts it well behind the market leaders Flink and Gorillas in terms of both availability and delivery speed.

When it comes to fresh produce, Bringmeister is often cheaper than the competition, because in addition to well-known brand products, the EDEKA retail brand can also be found in the assortment there. So if you live in Bringmeister’s catchment area and don’t necessarily need the goods in ten minutes, but can wait an hour, the price-performance ratio is sometimes particularly good here. Another advantage: payment by invoice and direct debit is possible.

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atechbook says

Food delivery services are sometimes cheaper than driving to the supermarket yourself. In individual cases, you save time and money on gasoline costs or the local transport ticket. Deliveries within ten minutes are also practically unbeatable. But it’s also a fact that services like Flink and Gorillas still only deliver cheaply and quickly in big cities. In the countryside in particular, they are still no alternative to shopping in a store. Amazon Fresh’s offering is disappointing. Although launched early, the industry leader in the mail order business lags well behind its competitors.


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