The funniest and most embarrassing typos in WhatsApp chats

Actually, the correction function on the smartphone should be a help when writing. But sometimes the autocorrect is totally off the mark. Some of these embarrassing typos make us laugh, though. So in the end, the ‘wrong’ autocorrect somehow makes sense.

We probably all know it: typed quickly and sent without reading the text again first. It’s just stupid when the automatically corrected word in the text makes sense – unfortunately, just a completely different one. We have collected a few nice examples.

Search of a different kind

Well then – bon appétit

Especially charming

Who likes it…

You can delete such messages quite easily, by the way. If you are unlucky, however, the recipient of the embarrassing message has the opportunity to read the text anyway with this trick.

Runs with the two

Do you club them too?

What a sh…

When the children are not good

Babies are so cute

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