The hidden chat feature on the iPhone

Looking for a way to chat secretly with others? An app on the iPhone could be the solution.

The big messenger apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal, but also iMessage, are probably familiar to many users. But the iPhone comes with another app preinstalled that can be used as a kind of messenger for hidden chats.

Hidden chat messages on the iPhone

Many already know a few hidden features of the notes app. It can be used to scan documents and save them as PDFs, and even secure photos with a password. What most probably don’t know is that you can also use Notes to chat.

This is made possible by a well-developed sharing function that allows multiple people to edit a note. Since no one expects messages to be sent this way, the app is almost a secret messenger.

How to use iPhone notes for hidden chats

1. First, go to the notes app and create a new note via the create icon at the bottom right.

2. write anything in the note and open the context menu using the three circled dots.

3. Now select the Share note option. Under Sharing Options, make sure Allow Editing is checked.

4. Send the note invitation via a medium of your choice, such as iMessage, Mail or a messenger. You can also select someone directly from contacts and send the link directly.

5. a portrait icon now appears at the top right of the note, behind which the invited people and settings for sharing are hidden. There you can see all changes and track who has written what.

6. Click on the three dots again and select the “Manage shared note” entry. Turn on the “Mark all changes” option there. This will highlight the written text in different colors to distinguish between the individual participants.

6.You can now use the notes app to send messages.

Hidden chat on iPhone in the notes app.
Written words appear in real time in a notes “chat”. Photo: atechbook

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Why use the notes app as a messenger?

The difference with a real messenger is that you don’t have to send messages first. Other people in the “chat” can see what you type in real time. The advantage over a messenger, however, is that you can easily delete messages after sending them – without a time limit and from any participant. It’s also handy that you can use the Notes app on your iPad or MacBook to chat as well. Messages are synced across devices and you can just pick up where you left off. This kind of multiple use is not possible even with real messengers like WhatsApp and Signal.

You can even send pictures and emojis to other people using the Notes app. And to make sure that no stranger can access the chat, you can even lock the notes app with a password in the iPhone settings.


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