The most common bugs in iOS 15 and how to fix them

It’s not uncommon for iOS updates to not run smoothly from the start. Even the latest version suffers from some teething problems.

iOS 15 is available since September 20 and causes problems for many users. atechbook has collected the most serious iOS 15 bugs and explains how you can solve them.

1. battery error due to Spotify

Spotify confirmed in a blog post that the app in iOS 14.8 and iOS 15 was causing a bug with battery life. Some users are affected by rapid battery drain and overheating. Spotify seems to keep running in the background, taking up processing power. The company is already working on a solution soon. However, it is unclear whether this will come in the form of an app update or a workaround.

atechbook recommends turning off background updates for Spotify in the meantime. You can find these options under Settings youkuohao_52f27gfH$32J General youkuohao_52f27gfH$32J Background Update. Disable the slider on Spotify there.

2. bug with AirPods control in iOS 15.

Since the update to iOS 15, AirPods owners have been experiencing numerous errors. Many complain that they can no longer control the active noise-canceling and transparency mode of the AirPods Pro via Siri voice command. Users also report issues with wearer recognition on the AirPods forum on Reddit, and some can’t even connect the AirPods to their iPhone. Poorer sound and call issues and disconnections also seem to be occurring.

The beta version of iOS 15.1 at least solves the problems with Siri voice control of ANC and transparency mode. Meanwhile, until the update comes, users have to control these functions via the iPhone itself. Whether the many other bugs will also be fixed with iOS 15.1 is still unclear.

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3. unlocking via Apple Watch is not possible

After the update to iOS 15, users report that they have problems unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch. Apple had introduced this feature to bypass unlocking via Face ID when wearing a mask. Currently, the feature is not usable and in some cases, the error message “No connection to Apple Watch” even appears. Meanwhile, the company has published a support document advising to turn off the feature until an update is ready.

In the current beta 2 of iOS 15.1, the errors with the Apple Watch are already fixed. However, it may still take a few weeks until this is available for download. In the meantime, you can disable “Unlock with Apple Watch” under Settings youkuohao_52f27gfH$32J Face ID & Code.

4th iPhone memory is full

In some cases, the iPhone shows a message that the memory is almost full after the update to iOS 15 – even though there is enough free space. It is likely that Apple will eliminate this message with iOS 15.1. In the meantime, users should simply ignore the error if there is actually enough memory. You can check that under Settings youkuohao_52f27gfH$32J iPhone storage, there should be at least a few gigabytes free here.

5. apple maps crashes

Apple Maps has received a major update with detailed 3D maps for some cities. If the app crashes, it may help to simply restart it. If that doesn’t help, you can reboot the iPhone completely.

6. iPhone 13 camera switches to macro mode

The iPhone 13 got an ultra-wide-angle camera with autofocus that enables macro mode. If the camera app detects that an object is very close in front of the lens, it automatically switches to the new mode. However, Apple forgot to provide a button to turn off the feature. The company is aware of the problem and has promised an update that should offer this option.

Other errors

It is not uncommon for various problems to occur after an iOS version update. However, the troubleshooting steps are often the same for general problems:

  • Bluetooth devices do not connect: Ignore the respective device in the settings and then reconnect.
  • Apps crash: As a first step, close the app and restart it. After that, check the App Store for an update that adapts the app for iOS 15. In the worst case, delete the app and reinstall it.
  • Battery drains quickly: updating apps can help here, too. In some cases, disabling background activity in settings is a stopgap. Usually, Apple solves battery issues in a subsequent update.


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